Volvo 9800

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 15:05

Volvo is known as a leading innovator of safety and driving comfort. That expertise is not limited to light vehicles. The company has years of expertise in heavy vehicles for comfortable rides and Volvo coaches are built with the same characteristics as its light vehicles, ensuring a safe journey for its passengers from beginning to end.

Volvo has a long history in the coach segment and its most recent model is a reflection of constant technology development and improvement. Among its safety features, the 9800 includes collision alert with emergency braking and automatic navigation control. The system also offers an electronic stability program, electronic and anti-lock braking systems, anti-slip regulation and engine drag torque control.

Volvo included a D13C six-cylinder inline engine compliant with Euro V regulations in the 9800, coupled with selective catalytic reduction and ammonia slip catalyst systems. Not to neglect the environmentally-friendly trends in mobility this coach runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel and is available in two versions depending on the model.

For the 4x2 13.2-meter long version, the engine has an output of 460hp and can reach torque of 2,300Nm at 1,050rpm. The 6x2 14-meter long 9800 offers 500hp and up to 2,500Nm of torque at 1,400rpm.

In its chassis, the 9800 features a Volvo I-shift transmission available in its AT2412D or AT2612D versions. Both have 12 speeds but the difference is in the torque they deliver. The AT2412 offers 2,400Nm to power the 4x2 model while the AT2612 has an output of 2,600Nm for the 6x2.

Both versions include LED interior lighting and a reading kit per passenger, plus independent illumination in the passenger area and LED lighting in the access stairwell. The 9800 has an ACTIA infotainment system with 15- inch screens, a microphone for the operator, as well as individual audio and video options. The driver’s space is equipped with an ISRI seat and a fully adjustable steering column.

The exterior is finished with stainless steel on the sides and an anti-corrosion treatment on the chassis, which is practical and complements its modern interior features with a clean glossy veneer.