volvo VRT 7300

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 16:07

The Volvo BRT 7300 is an icon of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Mexico. Now in its third generation, it has been redesigned to suit the needs of the domestic market based on an accumulated experience over 11 years in the country. 410 models of the 7300 are already operating in several Mexican corridors, jointly travelling an average of 30 million km per year. As a surface subway model, the 7300 has been designed to combine the speed of light rail with the flexibility of a bus system, which is achieved through a series of new components that offer high efficiency. The new generation of Volvo DH12E engines offers the highest performance in the BRT segment. This horizontal 12-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel engine provides high torque even at low revs, which promotes fast response and smooth driving properties.

Its ASR and ABS brakes come equipped with sensors that detect wear and tear, helping to guarantee its passengers a safe journey while reducing the risk of accidents. Durability is ingrained in the 7300 thanks to its high resistance steel chassis. This strength will be put to the test since 65 new models will cover route six in Mexico City, going from San Juan de Aragon to Rosario, a 28km journey that will transport 130,000 passengers daily.

The new 7300 is to be assembled in the State of Mexico, which distinguishes it from previous generations by being entirely manufactured by Volvo. This guarantees quality and synchronicity between the powertrain and chassis, and also ensures a single channel of communication in after-sales services. As telematics are on the rise, the 7300 is equipped with a Multiplex system that monitors components in the powertrain to diagnose their status, resulting in the bus needing far less time in workshops, significantly reduced maintenance costs, and leading to increased vehicle availability. The 7300 also offers an ITS4 mobility service, an intelligent transportation system for traffic control, passenger information, and fleet management.