Tue, 09/15/2015 - 13:46

In the SUV and crossover segment, there are SUVs, there are crossovers, and then there is the Volvo XC90. Even with all the comfort and practicality that Volvo’s XC60 provides, the XC90 has succeeded in multiplying this tenfold. Even though it is 4.95m long and 2.14m wide, this giant can make anyone feel at home on the road, generating enough power to keep up with any sports car out there, without sacrificing safety or stability. The XC90’s 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine meets Euro 6 standards, and is capable of delivering 320hp at 5,700 rpm, with a fuel consumption of only 8L per 100km and a top speed of 230 km/h. Impressively, the car has both a supercharger and a turbocharger, and its powertrain works with a Geartronic 8-speed transmission. In terms of its exterior design, the Volvo is equally stunning with its massive grill, a remarkable panoramic roof, and attractive rims that can range from 18-22in. Even with such impressive specs, the most exciting part about the XC90 is the cabin, which includes Volvo’s Sensus concept, centralizing all the features into a dashboard tablet. The XC90 has integrated Wi-Fi to keep drivers connected at all times, and it includes voice activated commands to give absolute control to the driver without having to divert their attention from the road. In terms of entertainment, the Bowers & Wilkins sound system is able to reproduce the acoustics of Sweden’s Gothenburg Concert Hall. Regarding technology, the brand outdid itself with a unique heads- up display that allows drivers to check the speed limit and navigation advice directly on the windshield. These images are semi-transparent and are capable of adapting to different light environments. The XC90 is practically a spa on wheels, with a climate system that uses sophisticated carbon filters to purify the air that enters the vehicle, as well as seats that offer comfort beyond measure, as they are fully automated to adapt to any size and weight. Overall, its minimalistic yet elegant design adds an extra touch to the luxury offered by the XC90.

It is impossible to mention Volvo without talking about safety, which the XC90 delivers in spades. This machine features the IntelliSafe platform, contributing to the company’s ambitious plan to have zero deaths or serious injuries behind the wheel of a Volvo by 2020. Apart from the usual adaptive cruise control systems, blind spot detection, and lane keeping assistance systems, Volvo has included innovative programs like pedestrian and cyclist detection, pedestrian airbags, forward collision warning with emergency braking, and Park Assist Pilot to this stunning SUV. Furthermore, the company includes active high beam headlights to detect other vehicles and change lights automatically, as well as a more robust structure fabricated with boron steel, allowing energy to disperse easily in case of an impact. Overall, Volvo has exceeded the expectations of the market with a vehicle that combines state-of-the-art technology, exceptional comfort, and next-generation safety features, solidifying the company’s reputation as a highly reliable and innovative car maker.