Words with Tremendous Impact

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 15:44

Commercial strategies have always had their complications, but in this new digital era, the rules of marketing are being rewritten. Nowadays, it is easier to present a new product and the advantages it might have compared with its competition, but it is increasingly challenging to attract the attention of the customer who receives an ever-increasing amount of marketing messages from a growing number of brands and products competing for a share in the market. As customers continue to spend an increasing amount of time on online platforms, it has become imperative for every company to have a strong digital presence. Google revolutionized the way brands position themselves on the internet through the creation of its marketing engine Google AdWords. This tool allows companies to create effective marketing campaigns, directing their messages to a specific segment of users determined by the advertiser. In addition, Google generates data regarding the impact of the campaign with its tool Google Analytics, and companies can modify their strategies based on realtime results.

Given that most customers carry out their own research before purchasing a new vehicle, it was only natural for automotive companies to hop on the Google AdWords train and explore the benefits it could offer in the automotive segment. Nissan Mexicana has worked extensively with Google to develop effective marketing campaigns, showing relevant adverts to potential Mexican customers.

The obvious next step was to develop stronger visibility for distributors and to create a direct contact with the final client. In April 2012, through an alliance with Google, the National Association of Nissan Automobile Distributors (ANDANAC), and the digital marketing agency Go Virtual, Nissan Mexicana launched its AdWords campaign Nissan Distributors, generating considerable benefits for 170 distributors in the country.

The final goals of this campaign were to increase the traffic within the website network of the national Nissan distributors, as well as to push the test drives and quotations these dealers offered to potential clients through the creation of individual AdWords accounts for each distributor in September 2013. Nissan Mexicana now enjoys the benefits of being strongly positioned in the Google search engine.

Furthermore, it can take advantage of the extensive Display Network Google offers, comprised of more than one million websites, videos, and mobile applications.

Improving its digital communication efficiency has made an important contribution to Nissan’s recent growth in Mexico, obtaining an approximate growth of 257% in the number of visits to Nissan dealerships within the ANDANAC network. Sixty two new distributors have joined the project, and the company has seen an increase of 249% in generated quotations. It has scheduled 350% more test drives compared to the data registered before the implementation of this campaign. Furthermore, the success of the project led to the creation of specialized teams to target new potential clients, and it has allowed Nissan to reach its ideal client base.