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World Championship Ambitions Driven by Immense Determination

Esteban Gutiérrez - Ferrari
Formula 1 Driver


Tue, 09/01/2015 - 11:06

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Q: What have been the major achievements during your career, and what ambitions do you have for the 2015 Formula 1 season?

A: My greatest achievements have been placing first in the 2008 FBMW Europe and in the 2010 GP3 series championships. My ambition is to become a world champion, which is going to require a lot of commitment on many levels, but I am ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve my goal.

Q: How have your experiences with Sauber and Ferrari each helped to shape your driving style and technique over the years?

A: The tough years in Sauber have helped me to dissect the details of my driving technique, enabling me to understand and adapt my style to any kind of circumstance. Ferrari’s greater amount of experience provides me with the right tools to keep practicing, also benefiting from the knowledge of two world champions.

Q: What are the major differences between driving for Sauber and Ferrari?

A: There is a big difference between the teams. For instance, Ferrari is a team with a remarkable structure that can provide me with more tools than I have ever had before, which is amazing for my overall development. The workload is also much higher because you need to interact with more people around the team, but this is a brilliant experience. With Sauber, things were more limited; the team was smaller and had fewer tools available, shifting the approach to working from a more driver-focused point of view.

Q: Formula 1 has been absent from Mexico for 23 years, so what does its return signify for the country?

A: The return of the Grand Prix has huge significance in Mexico. After such a long hiatus, people have become very enthusiastic about it. Considering that motorsport has been growing in Mexico throughout the years, the presence of a Grand Prix was definitely the natural next step. This triumphant return is a dream come true for many Mexicans.

Q: What efforts are being made by the government and Formula 1 itself to help develop track racing infrastructure?

A: The Grand Prix is supported in many ways by the government, which is bringing a lot of promotion to our country. When the racing begins, Mexico will benefit from the fact that Formula 1 was interested in having a Grand Prix in Mexico.

Q: What relation, if any, does the return of Formula 1 have with the booming automotive market here?

A: It has a significant impact on the market. The first factor is that we will have a top level racing track in Mexico. Secondly, it will naturally ignite peoples’ interest in motorsports in general. New categories and track projects are already starting to be developed, which is something that comes from having top-level drivers and a Grand Prix in our country.

Q: How much Formula 1 technology trickles down for use in the mass market, particularly in terms of safety systems and environmental protection innovations?

A: Most technology and innovation is first developed in Formula 1 because top competition always pushes the technological boundaries, together with safety. After that, the technology is adapted naturally into the mass market.

Q: Which brand of passenger car do you most enjoy driving, and why?

A: Ferrari. The cars are a work of art; they reflect the passion, dedication, and innovation of the people that produce them in Maranello, Italy.

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