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WTC Positioned to Help Companies Benefit from USMCA

By Alejandro Enríquez | Mon, 10/04/2021 - 09:00

Q: What elements are helping WTC to boost the growth of its industrial parks?

A: There are two major strategies. First, we are promoting the advantages that the San Luis Potosi region offers, especially through projects such as WTC in national and international markets. By highlighting our strengths, such as logistics, workforce and robust supply chains, we support companies looking to expand their operations in Mexico. Our message is that we are here and we can support you.

The second strategy is to continue adding value for our customers. WTC is a premium industrial park, surpassing our clients’ expectations for an industrial facility. Understanding what companies at our parks need has been critical to our success, as that has allowed us to make major improvements, such as providing energy solutions and hotel facilities. We are constantly looking for additional benefits for our customers.

Global players now aim to take advantage of the USMCA and make the most of the opportunities the treaty offers. WTC is here to help them.

Q: Asian companies are developing a strong footprint in Mexico. How has WTC taken advantage of this trend?

A: This trend started about two or three years ago but the pandemic accelerated it by putting complex logistic chains at risk, leading companies to experience disruptions. Large companies realized that relying too heavily on Asia might be a liability and began to turn to Mexico, first to reduce logistics costs and now, to reduce risks.

We continuously support companies interested in Mexico. Once a company shows interest, we address the specifics to help them come and ramp up operations in the country. For example, we can suggest a particular location depending on the type of company. For automotive companies, we could suggest San Luis Potosi and for aerospace businesses, Queretaro.

Some companies have requested support with opening plants in states or regions where we do not have a full industrial complex. In these cases, we support them by finding the right location and building a facility. WTC is also considering new locations to expand its industrial footprint.

Q: Incentives, workforce, location and services are key variables in selecting an industrial location. How does WTC San Luis Potosi address these elements?

A: When it comes to incentives, talent and workforce, we need to work closely with municipal, state and federal authorities. The authorities keep track of information on the educated workforce of a region, its capabilities and salary ranges, among other important elements that must be taken into account. We have used that information to advise our clients accordingly.

Services and security also play an important role so we keep the park safe and provide all necessary services, such as internet, electricity and railway options as the park is located at the heart of the NAFTA corridor, facilitating logistics.

Q: What sectors have accelerated the most because of the pandemic?

A: E-commerce was strongly accelerated by the pandemic and Amazon grew its footprint in the country. About 80 percent of Amazon’s imports enter Mexico through our preferential fiscal space, an additional service that we provide at customs to expedite imports. The aerospace sector is also growing consistently. Although it has a solid footprint in Queretaro, it is also expanding in San Luis Potosi. At WTC San Luis Potosi, we have a Chinese aerospace company about to finish building its first plant.

Data centers, which support e-commerce and technological applications, are also growing. As these centers must be located in specific regions to properly support operations, we are seeing more investment in their construction.

Q: What feedback have you received from the AAA customers that work in your facilities?

A: Once a company decides to come to North America and then to Mexico, it must identify a region’s competitive advantages. Doing a greenfield project in a foreign market can be really difficult if done wrong. Companies look for sites with good logistics and supplies. San Luis Potosi offers a strong workforce, logistics and facilities. After a company has evaluated and chosen a location, it needs a partner it can trust.

Being that trustworthy partner is what makes us different. Our clients have been satisfied with the support we’ve provided for their projects, operations and all other elements needed for a successful project.

Q: How does WTC San Luis Potosi address sustainability concerns?

A: We are constantly innovating in this regard. For instance, water supply is a major concern in central Mexico. WTC San Luis Potosi goes beyond having its own wells, as we also provide water treatment capabilities and incentivize our tenants to use them when possible.

WTC continues to support sustainability practices and to look at the human element of sustainability. When we design our parks, apart from bringing third party energy companies, we think about the wellness of the people working here. At WTC II, we are building a linear park for recreation, giving a superior level of comfort to those who use it.


World Trade Center San Luis Potosi (WTC San Luis Potosi) is a Grupo Valoran company that combines business spaces with commercial and logistics services to create strategic industrial and logistics complexes.

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