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WTech to Open Sustainable Plant in Jalisco

By Sofía Garduño | Tue, 07/12/2022 - 14:21

Q:  What is the added value that WTech offers to the market?

A: Technology is our added value because no one in the market offers what we do. We do not have competitors. Our vehicles are specifically for governmental use, so no private entity has access to them because they could be misused by criminal groups. We are always focused on who the end consumer is. The country has a need that has to be fulfilled regardless of the current political landscape. Not all states require the same solutions. We evaluate each specific need to provide the appropriate solution.

We offer the best quality and service and focus on maintaining good relationships. We are a Mexican company that is working for Mexico.

Q: How are your alliances with KIA Military and Defenture strengthening WTech?

A:  We are about to open a 14ha plant in Jalisco with two production lines, one for Defenture and later on we expect to work with KIA Military. As of now we are only distributors of some of their special products. In the first phase, we expect to assemble between 500 and 600 tactical vehicles per year. Later, we expect to produce over 1,000 units per year.

We are the first company allowed to visit KIA’s facilities in South Korea. Closing this deal will give WTech the ability to assemble KIA’s vehicles in Mexico. Afterward, we expect to open the US market with them.

Q: How will this plant benefit the population of Jalisco?

A: We are committed to making this plant sustainable, as we have a strong sense of responsibility toward the environment. The plant will use solar panels and optimize the use of water and other natural resources. It will create about 4,600 jobs that will require specialized talent. All workers will be certified to work in this field through alliances with universities that will train young, passionate talent to develop new technologies for Mexico. All of the plant’s surroundings will be integrated into a single ecosystem as if it were a specialized cluster.

Q: What other partnerships is WTech cultivating?

A: In the automotive sector, we are only interested in KIA Military and Defenture. But we work in other industries and are open to collaborations. We offer a variety of solutions, such as security systems, hardware and last-generation cameras. We recently closed an alliance with a Chinese company with partners in the US that specializes in last-generation cameras. We do not want to be buyers; we are always looking to transfer technology and build long-term relationships.

Q: What are WTech’s plans for Mexico?

A: We want to manage a national security system integration and work with the authorities to provide them immediate access to information. WTech works with an open code and we can integrate every type of system or camera. We aim to take advantage of the already existing infrastructure so that governments can avoid buying new equipment. We also want to help the government fix other problems. For example, some states’ security centers are not connected to their subcenters. Guanajuato’s security center, for example, is not connected to the subcenters in Leon or Irapuato.

Data analysis is key for us and we want to be pioneers in the use of intelligence data. Each state manages its own data and when it reaches the federation it has already passed through multiple filters. WTech is developing blockchain to prevent its systems from being attacked. We want to offer an integral system with efficient solutions and are betting on the interconnection of all states in the country.  


WTech offers public security services to the government using software, video surveillance, tactical equipment, aerospace equipment and ground transportation.

Sofía Garduño Sofía Garduño Journalist & Industry Analyst