SEDECO Tlaxcala - Jorge Vazquez
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Jorge Vázquez
Minister of Economic Development
Tlaxcala is taking advantage of its security and location to attract investments in the automotive sector.
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Weekly Roundups
Hyundai and FCA presented their quarterly results while AMIA, AMDA and INA addressed vehicle production, exports and sales results
Korean Embassy -Wonil Noh
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Wonil Noh
Minister Counselor
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mexico
Minister counselor Wonil Noh recalls Mexico and South Korea’s efforts to build a comprehensive trade relationship.
Private Security
News Article
Grupo IPS, one of Mexico’s private security leaders, details the essential role of private security companies amid the pandemic.
Chihuahua Cluster - Tarsicio Carreon
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Tarsicio Carreon
Chihuahua Automotive Cluster
Tarciso Carreon, President of the Chihuahua Automotive Cluster, explains the state’s longstanding automotive vocation.
Hyundai Logo
News Article
Hyundai's 2Q20 results underscore a recovery in the company’s home market and losses in India and South America.
Daniel Hernandez, Queretaro Automotive Cluster
Daniel Hernández
Director General
Queretaro Automotive Cluster
The arrival of new OEMs to the Bajio region means opportunities for local players
Marco Antonio del Prete, SEDESU
Marco Antonio del Prete
Sustainable Development (SEDESU) of Queretaro
Queretaro has seen significant growth over the years. Much of this is the result of foreign companies that have chosen the region as their base
Raul Penafiel, Jaguar Land Rover
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Raúl Peñafiel
Managing Director
Jaguar Land Rover
While some might see decreasing sales as a challenge in the domestic market, others see an opportunity to showcase a different type of offering
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