Mexico Automotive Summit 2021

Learn more about the milestones Kavak has reached throughout its almost five years in the market. Do not miss the remarks by Uber, BBVA and KPMG.
Plastic Resins
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In March, Mexican vehicle exports experienced a 13 percent decrease due to an ongoing semiconductor and plastic resin shortage.
CLAUZ - Mónica Doger
View from the Top
Mónica Doger
Director General
“We are convinced we can foster growth within the automotive supply chain.” Read our full interview with CLAUZ, here.
Jeronimo García - Disruptive Matters
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Jerónimo García De Brahi
Co-Founder and CEO
Disruptive Matters
Disruptive Matters is a consulting firm focused on democratizing accessible premium services for companies and organizations!
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Waze can track how users move around the globe. Anasofía Sánchez, Director General of Waze Mexico, shares with MBN her mobility predictions.
Mexico Automotive Review
Weekly Roundups
INEGI's figures on the Mexican light-vehicle sector showed improvements in production and sales and a historic down in exports.
Liliana Anaya - AMAVE
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Liliana Anaya
Director General
Only 20 percent of companies in Mexico use leasing, against 80 percent in Europe and the US. AMAVE talks about opportunities in the leasing market
Regina Granados - Lease Plan
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Regina Granados
LeasePlan México
LeasePlan is a Netherlands-based company focused on leasing and fleet management services.
charging station
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Six years after establishing a relationship in Mexico, Nissan and BMW are still committed to the electrification of the country’s vehicle fleet.
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