Grupo Surman - Fernando Enciso
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Fernando Enciso
Director México
For Surman, digitalization is not optional. During the pandemic, the company has gone through root-and-branch changes to move toward digital sales.
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When mobility is limited by sanitary measures, what can a company like Waze do to stay on the map?
Solomón Abudarham
Expert Contributor
Solomon Abudarham
Leader LATAM Government Alliances and Data Partnerships
CIAL Dun & Bradstreet
The traditional B2B handshake has been forcefully replaced by virtual interactions. Solomon Abudarham discusses the implications.
Safe, Sustainable, Smart
The pandemic forced safer operations while accelerating digitalization. At the same time, automakers have announced carbon neutrality commitments.
Robert Bosch
Although the pandemic hit auto parts production, plans to consolidate operations in the North American market continue unabated.
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One year ago Microsoft announced a five-year US$1.1 billion investment plan in Mexico. What has been the progress to date?
digital skills, workforce
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The pandemic triggered a shift towards digitalization in almost every industry. With it, new skills are needed in the world of work
Manuel Montoya
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Manuel Montoya
Director for Latin America
Crestron Electronics
"We see ourselves as providers of technologies that create new environments for our clients and their companies."
Jose Luis Martinez, Solbiz
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José Luis Martínez
Director General
Through customized solutions, SolbiZ offers its clients the tools to start or accelerate their digital transformation
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