julian alberto toro
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Ing. Julián Alberto Toro
Director General
C&C Consulting Construction Group
"Mexico and Brazil are the most important poles of construction development in the Latin American sphere."
Angeles Vela
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Ángeles Vela del Río
Director General
CSOFTMTY has one aim: to make Nuevo Leon the state for innovation in IT and software development.
Gabriel Sanchez
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Gabriel Sánchez
Commercial Director
"We are betting that Yokogawa Mexico will become a much larger part of the company’s global portfolio despite the pandemic."
Karlo Valentin
Expert Contributor
Karlo Valentin Rodriguez
CTO & Co-Founder
The transformation requires guidance and basic steps before making a 360-degree change, explains Karlo Valentin
Maite Muñiz
Startup Contributor
Maite Muñiz
When companies embark down the path of digital transformation, they can expose themselves to fraud. Maite Muñiz explain how to avoid that fate.
Rafael Solares
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Rafael Solares
Country Manager
VMware Mexico
VMware stood at the basis of the development of virtualization, eventually leading to the cloud.
Hector Castellanos
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Héctor Castellanos
President & Director General
Grupo Casgo
"Since the company started, we have stayed on top of all technological trends and innovations, while recruiting young Mexican talent."
BMW Group Partners with AWS
News Article
The automotive group will migrate its data to the AWS cloud to perform data-driven decisions while training its workforce on AWS applications.
Daniel Chávez
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Daniel Chávez
Dextra Technologies
Mexico-based Dextra Technologies has built software and other IT-solutions for major US corporations
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