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COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation of companies in Mexico. Still, some myths linger that prevent them from truly embracing digitalization
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The pandemic has driven schools to remote education. However, in this country, that is not an easy feat.
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A study found that only 50 percent of companies are aligning their cybersecurity approach with their business strategy. This is a missed opportunity.
Anasofia Sanchez Juarez
Expert Contributor
Anasofia Sanchez Juarez
Regional Manager México and Spanish Speaking Latam
Waze Mexico
Today is the best time to consolidate omnichannel retail because consumers want a brand experience wherever and whenever they need it.
Cyberattack image
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The number of cyberattacks has increased drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic
Data analytics
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Do you have a plan to address the massive gap in data analytics and AI skills?
BBVA - Ricardo Duhart
View from the Top
Ricardo Duhart
Director of Strategy and Solutions for Companies and Government
BBVA explains how it has embraced digitalization strategies to support dealerships and end-consumers to get credit approvals faster.
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In a webinar hosted by Mexico Health Review, participants agreed on the importance of emerging technology in tackling big health issues.
Email use during pandemic
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Email use has increased by 18 percent in Latin America during the pandemic. The use of chatbots and social networks has also increased.
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