Eduardo Medeiros, of Office Depot Group
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Eduardo Medeiros
Chief Digital Officer for LATAM and CEAM
Office Depot Group
Office Depot Group is undergoing a digital transformation to bring the store floors together with the digital space.
Elie Haibi, of Hermes Systems
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Elie Haibi
Co-Founder and CEO
Hermes Systems
To Hermes Systems, digital transformation is about business transformation.
Olivier Sieuzac, of Linio
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Olivier Sieuzac
Country Manager
Linio is a digital mall platform that allows retailers and brands to sell their products through its platform and 12 other online channels.
Simon Harrsen of CHG Meridian
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Simon Harrsen
Director Mexico
A software platform called Tesma helps to optimize leasing management in companies.
Weekly Roundups
The crisis unleashed by COVID-19 has forced many SMEs to use e-commerce platforms to offer their products and services
The COVID-19 health crisis has forced MSMEs to join the e-commerce trend
While some startup businesses are losing revenue and laying off employees, others are ramping up their services.
Movie Theater
With no theaters open, filmmakers are looking for alternatives to generate revenue with millions of viewers under lockdown.
While the pandemic takes the world by storm, video and audio streaming giants are cashing in.
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