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AI@3.3: Preserving Society Through Questioning

By Oscar Poblete | Fri, 10/23/2020 - 13:00

Previously we talked about having five parameters for most societies to develop in the future. This is the fifth and final parameter: Quest-ion-in-g.

Questioning is an intellectual journey that allows us to look for new ways to start or new ways of doing things, even if everything seems empty and without opportunities, so it can be an exciting journey full of adventure.

Ions, those small molecules with a net electrical charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons that give life to energy, are an example of how we think and justify the world around us from a scientific point of view. These same micro elements give life to electrical sources, light and other things necessary for daily life. The same goes for questioning: energy is the complete image of our reality and ions are the elements that comprise it. So, if we look closely at each "ion," we can question the reality that is presented to us in life.

For me, questioning is the basis for building new societies, since through this intellectual exercise we can know what is and what is not working in a society. When I talk about something that "doesn't work," I mean everything around us, not just about our loved ones and our close realities, but about something that is alien to us and gives us a great opportunity to understand the planet we live on as humanity. COVID-19, which, despite being an "ion" of the thousands that prevail in our daily lives, is an example of an element that changed our entire reality – a microscopic virus that we can't see, but that some are afraid of, others don't believe in, and others have stopped believing in, but that has undoubtedly paralyzed humanity. This is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to think of our history as human beings and how governments, businesses, religions and, in some cases, families are writing it to make it a better place for all of us.

Sometimes we live so immersed in maintaining the reality around us that we forget the true meanings of functionality and sustainability. We know that if you are a person with a lot of money you are in danger because millions of people do not share that reality. Today, people who have a favorable and unfavorable reality live together in a linear economy, but what we need for greater economic sustainability is to live together in a circular economy. You can draw a line from individuals who earn US$1 and people who earn US$100 million a day when you think in a linear economy. Another graph is to make a circle in which you graph our population and you graph another circle with the wealthiest 500 in the center. You're going to see an ion within it again.

I don't know what questions bring us here, but I do know that the answers are incorrect in order to sustain life and to live it abundantly. We need to stop providing responses, vaccines and temporary cures because we need to know that the reason for being here and now is not to provide answers, it is to provide elevated ionic questions that can travel through space and time and connect us at the same time.

In a new and again stupid technology apartheid, our 2020 generation is not a millennial, baby boomer, Z or whatever dumb way to separate one from the other. No matter your age, our generation (ALL LIVE PEOPLE) has the chance to be the PRE-SERVE generation that questions everything for everyone and makes dramatic changes. Upping the level of discussions and questions is what we need right now. Raise our level of demand to the challenges that our leaders require to embrace, share and get us involved collectively.

I don't know how many people we are today, but I know that we are what we measure everything around us with. What defines us as the human race is not the lowest or highest point on a graph.  What defines us is the average. If someone is sick with COVID-19 in any country, the country is infected and the borders are closed. It doesn't matter if it's one part per billion because everything around that country will be affected.

Now, it's time for you to stand up and raise your main and unique questions and find those answers by searching for ions. We are the pre-serve generation, and as we evolve, our time in life is vital to look for more and more. No one thinks that the Third World War was not created by stupid and useless and unevolved atomic bombs but by evolved particles of the universe called COVID-19 and capable of creating awareness against IONS. Now that you know it, understand that IONIC THINKERS and no material beings will be the new real human generation. Energy is changing and, as we know it, artificial intelligence understands that the game is ending. Collective or connected intelligence will not be artificial in the new phase of intelligence. It's time to start leading an ion quest using your best commander. Enjoy this trip. Thank you for reading.

Photo by:   Oscar Poblete


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