Digitalization vs. Human Labor

By Marcela Muñoz | Tue, 06/08/2021 - 09:36

A year into the pandemic, businesses in Mexico are evaluating how best to move forward with their digitization process. They have encountered challenges and opportunities along the way, but one thing is clear: human talent is key to success in this transformation, agreed panelists at Mexico Business Forum 2021 Virtual Edition on May 28. Moderated by Selene Diez, CEO and Founder of Forte Innovation Consulting, the panel brought together Alejandro Preinfalk, President and CEO of Siemens; Diego Garza, Sales Director of Intel Mexico; Sergio Torres Lebrija, Strategy and Innovation Head of Digital Banking at BBVA Mexico and Olivier Bouvet, Transformation Experience Officer of MOBILITY ADO, who also discussed how non-tech companies can make a smoother process towards their digital transformation and why a balance between human labor and automation will always be vital.

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