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How AI Decreases or Increases Our Consciousness

By Oscar Poblete | Thu, 06/24/2021 - 15:11

Your body takes more than 50% of the decisions you make every day, including how to judge the past, dream the future or live your present. Nowadays, the body of humanity is more linked to AI than to Earth, other species, love or emotional consciousness.

The reason is more complex than my initial statement. Media is not about communicating something. It is about provoking the humanity inside all of us. In the past, media was created to make you dream, to sell you ideas or to launch new products. After 2020, we have the choice of selecting our dreams, or imagining our humanity in a new way. We all know that dreaming about new possibilities or alternatives scares us all and returning to known paths makes us feel more comfortable. It is hard for me to say something that can increase your consciousness so I will stop thinking and start sharing what I enjoy doing while home office allows it.

Every day, I have the morning awakening, kisses and small discussions with two beautiful 2-year-old twins. I usually sleep only a few hours at night and try to fall asleep before they awake for the first time at night. I have decided to turn off the smartphone at 8.30 p.m. and abandon it for almost 10 hours. The reason is that no good news comes to me at night. Actually, what comes at night are usually unplanned events, bad news or someone else’s fears.

When we all wake up, my wife goes to yoga and my role is to be present at the first hour of the day for my babies, every day. For me, that role is a big responsibility because I have the chance to connect with everybody from the outside or to connect with my two babies again.

That decision most of the time is easy since I am 52 and have the opportunity to be a father again and this situation changed my life and the way I live it. My decision is to play with them and help them live the first hour as a mixture of adventures and easy home tasks. I take five minutes to connect with everyone on the outside who requires something from me then … no TV, no Alexa, smartphone or any type of technology for 60 minutes. My babies are willing to turn on the TV, use my phone, ask Alexa to play music as well as I do but a new arrangement in our lives started to rule that out. The only choice we have to increase my consciousness is by turning off the robots.

The second time this type of decision appears in our lives is at midday. We dedicate two hours to run, catch the ball, play in the park and connect with other kids. I used to play with all of them like a grandfather with the role of a real father. For me, it is simple to see how easy and important it is to play centennial games instead of technology games. After these two years, I am pretty sure about the importance of reading real books and playing in the playground instead of using computers of any kind.

And here is where I end my article: the level of consciousness can be easily related to the size of simple parks. If we start to eliminate such parks, we are swimming against tide of increasing humanity’s consciousness, since humanity exists as the average of the dreams of our babies and kids. Here, no algorithm makes the difference to any human being. Only you and I can take the role that is needed at the park located next to you. Now, my question is, are you willing to unplug to create a real connection with everything?

Photo by:   Oscar Poblete


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