Learn more about additive manufacturing and the influence it will have on industrial manufacturing applications.
René Moreno
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René Moreno
Director General
MADIC Mexico
MADIC’s René Moreno explains how the company’s turnkey technology and equipment helps gas station owners incorporate additional revenue streams.
Martín Portillo
Expert Contributor
Martín Portillo
Huawei Technologies Mexico
Cybersecurity means not only the ability to have bullet-proof tech infrastructure, it implies a whole ecosystem that includes all players in society.
Qualcomm - Ricardo Anaya
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Ricardo Anaya
Staff Product Manager México
The deployment of 5G technology in Mexico seems closer every year, bringing great expectations for the connectivity of the automotive industry.
Guillermo Bilbao, Minsait
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Guillermo Bilbao
“Minsait offers a holistic approach to problem solving, attracting industry heavyweights looking for digital solutions”, says Guillermo Bilbao.
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Technology can greatly advance mining operations in terms of efficiency and sustainability. How can this traditional industry evolve?
Julio Velazquez, Google Cloud
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Julio Velázquez
Managing Director
Google Cloud Mexico
The amount of data that companies generate is increasing, but it is scattered. Google Cloud helps find, analyze and mine it to make better decisions
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Find out which are the companies placed in Boston Consulting Group's Most Innovative Companies' ranking
Janeth Jaimes
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Janeth Jaimes
Digital Manager for Mexico and Central America
Schlumberger’s Janeth Jaimes details the full advantages of advanced digitalization in the oil and gas context.
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