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AIUDA.org Boosts Online Sales Among Mexican SMEs

By Daniel González | Mon, 04/06/2020 - 14:24

The Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) has recently launched the AIUDA.org platform, aimed at boosting online sales among SMEs. These have been among the most affected companies by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, this sector is very important for economic growth especially during times of crisis. “The most urgent thing is to be able to sell. Right now, there are SMEs that are no longer selling because they have closed down the business. The only way to be able to sell at this time is through an internet store,” said Eric Pérez-Grovas, Co-founder and General Partner at Jaguar Ventures in an interview with Mundo Ejecutivo.

According to AIUDA.org, only 30 percent of retail companies in Mexico have taken the necessary steps to introduce e-commerce into their sales processes. AIUDA.org aims to offer consultancy and tutorials to all companies that have not taken the step of digitalizing their sales before WHO declared the expansion of COVID-19 as a pandemic. This service will be free for all AMVO members and will also include the job exchange service. Users will be able to consult which companies are present on this platform starting on April 13.

According to Nielsen, consumption patterns in Mexico have changed since the first case appeared in the country in late February. The company places Mexico in Phase 4 of its consumer behavior timeline (preparation for life in quarantine) and projects that in the short-term the government will take the decision to restrict movement, a step that has already been taken in several countries in the world with the aim of curbing the contagion curve. “In stage 5, consumer purchases at physical stores will decrease in favor of a rise in online purchases. The transition will also have an effect on price changes in certain categories (demand for some products will make them cost more),” said Nielsen.

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