C-Commerce Becoming More of a Trend in Mexico
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C-Commerce Becoming More of a Trend in Mexico

Photo by:   Daniel Korpai, Unsplash
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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 04/06/2021 - 10:35

Conversational commerce (c-commerce) has been a developing trend in the online shopping world. It happens within messaging apps and offers a more personal treatment for consumers. C-commerce has become a bridge between the physical and digital world, bringing together the benefits of the offline and online worlds. 

Yalo, a company that helps to build strong customer relationships through messaging apps, released its 2021 report on c-ommerce and the main takeaway was that interacting with the company that offers the product increases the amount of the average sales ticket by more than 20 percent. Interaction with the customer also boosts sales conversion fourfold.

According to Yalo, if a company uses WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, where users spend 84 percent of the time through their smartphones, they can increase sales by establishing a personal connection. “C-commerce is a great enabler of simple online purchasing and selling because of the frictions it solves, helping new consumers to buy electronically for the first time and enabling existing users to buy from categories that they were not comfortable with online. Forty percent of users in emerging markets have made an online purchase for the first time in their life thanks to c-commerce,” Max Pulido, Partner & Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group in Mexico, said to Yalo.

Companies that have had successful experiences with c-commerce include Aeroméxico, Nestlé and Sears. Their statements, found in the report, show that this modality has helped them digitally approach the market, facilitating and streamlining interactions with customers. C-commerce also allows companies to get to know the client better, understanding their needs and working as a team with them to become more efficient. Whatsapp has been a perfect tool for this sales model, according to Reforma. During the pandemic, more people have made WhatsApp a sales tool and at the rate it has been moving, it is estimated that by 2025 c-commerce will go from representing 15 percent of the current online sales to 40 percent. 

Mexico has great potential to develop c-commerce opportunities, especially if the investment trend in c-commerce platforms continues. This model can also be boosted by a decrease in barriers to digital shopping and an increase in the adoption of e-commerce, smartphones and internet penetration, according to Yalo’s release.

Photo by:   Daniel Korpai, Unsplash

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