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Clear Strategy Leads to Higher Sales

Pablo Ribeiro - M3 E-commerce


Mariana Allende By Mariana Allende | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 10/13/2023 - 16:27

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Q: How does M3 E-commerce identify and support the main needs of its clients? 

A: We support clients through the construction, migration and evolution of their digital channels. Initially, we work in three-month periods to fully develop projects but some customers have micro-projects that can also be executed. After that, it is likely that we would shift to a monthly basis because, in the digital transformation, it is necessary to change tools as they are developed to improve the shopping experience.

We have two main objectives: increase sales and reduce costs. We optimize processes with a customer-focused team, improving the conversion rate, customer retention and branch integration. M3 E-commerce makes use of everything the customer already has and adds whatever is missing.


Q: What are the most common mistakes companies make in their e-commerce operations? 

A: Companies make three main mistakes when entering e-commerce. The first is not having a team fully focused on e-commerce and online sales planning, which is essential to design and successfully carry out strategies. Second, many companies do not have a complete inventory in their online stores, which reduces sales. Third, they lack logistics capabilities for the shopping experience, affecting delivery times and customer service.


Q: What sets M3 E-commerce apart from its competitors in the market? 

A: M3 E-commerce has a team of technology engineers, meaning they have a great deal of high-tech experience. This team simplifies the integration of new applications and programs. In almost 10 years, we have expanded throughout Latin America and we have experience in many industries, managing large projects for big brands. 


Q: What led M3 E-commerce to expand to Mexico?

A: Brazil and Mexico have the largest markets in Latin America. VTEX, our main partner, already has operations in Mexico, so this facilitated our entry into the country. Mexico’s e-commerce sector was one of the fastest growing in recent years, facilitating our expansion. It is a good market to continue growing outside Brazil. Of course, great opportunities also bring great challenges.


Q: What are the key challenges and potential obstacles M3 E-commerce faces in the Mexican e-commerce market?

A: When we enter a new country, it is key to understand the culture within the first year. Knowing the culture allows companies to know the market and start planning. M3 E-commerce is a Brazilian company that has contact with Spanish-speaking countries, such as Colombia, but the culture is very different from Mexico’s. It is also important to have a clear view of the infrastructure to understand what is possible in terms of logistics. 


Q: Automation and AI play a significant role in streamlining e-commerce operations. How is M3 E-commerce utilizing these technologies to improve efficiency and customer service?

A: We are testing AI tools with our customers because this technology offers a great opportunity to optimize processes and improve our customers' shopping experience. We have implemented AI to quickly solve consumer queries and increase efficiency. For example, we can implement filters so consumers can tell how much they want to spend and the system will give them all existing options for their budget. 

Personalization allows for a better consumer experience because users can see what they are interested in, thus streamlining their communication with the brand.


Q: What are the most significant trends in the e-commerce industry in Mexico in both the short and long term? How will M3 E-commerce take advantage of these trends?

A: We are exploring the Live Shop trend, which needs a well-defined strategy because there are few shops of this kind. Without a strategy, the implementation of new technologies will not work. Omnichannel is growing in Mexico. M3 E-commerce helps clients to establish themselves in several channels and integrate their branches. Headless commerce is another key trend because it allows businesses to have online stores and make app optimizations without taking the app down.


Q: What are the top priorities and goals for M3 E-commerce for the rest of 2023 and 2024?

A: This year, we are focusing on preparing for El Buen Fin in Mexico and Black Friday in Argentina. Then for Cyber Monday in both countries. We focus on helping our customers boost their sales during these campaigns. 

By 2024, the plan is to host many small events in Mexico, focusing on the main players in the e-commerce industry. In the next few years, we will look for agencies to continue building our team in Mexico. 

M3 E-commerce helps B2B and B2C companies enable omnichannel projects. It customizes the experience according to the particularities of each business and develops virtual stores that offer a short and intuitive shopping experience.


Photo by:   Pablo Ribeiro, Founder, M3 E-commerce

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