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Cultural Exchange, Cooperation Top British Embassy’s Mexico Goals

Juliana Correa - British Embassy in Mexico
Director Trade and Investment


Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 10/19/2023 - 10:23

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Q: The British Embassy and El Palacio de Hierro hosted several activities recently. What were the objectives and how do they align with the broader goals of the British Embassy in Mexico?

A: The main goal of this event was to enhance the presence of UK brands in Mexico within the framework of bilateral cooperation. We focused on positioning these brands and expanding their reach in the Mexican market. Our aim was to revive the sensory experiences that were lost during the quieter years that followed the pandemic. This festival served as a celebration, marking the return of flavors and senses to Mexico. It was also about gathering and savoring those experiences together.

Our primary responsibility is to foster the bilateral trade relationship. However, the event also opened avenues for collaborations among different brands. We organized activities such as a ride with Triumph, a renowned motorcycle brand, followed by a tasting session featuring British food and drink brands. These activities serve as platforms for consolidating partnerships and bringing teams together.

The key to positioning a country's brand lies in consistently staying top-of-mind. While this event is a substantial endeavor; it is not a one-time occurrence. It will be followed by a series of activities and ongoing efforts to ensure our continued presence. We are hopeful that some of the new brands have made a lasting impression, captivating people's hearts and becoming part of their regular consumption habits. Furthermore, we aspire to spark curiosity, encouraging individuals to explore new brands and products.

Q: How do you think these products will resonate with Mexican consumers?

A: There are shared values and cultural elements between Mexican and UK families and friends. In recent years, the UK has seen a significant surge in interest in quality cooking and recipes, evident in the rise of cooking shows and culinary trends. This aligns remarkably well with the Mexican market's growing demand for responsibly sourced products. UK brands excel in this regard, emphasizing ethical practices and transparency in sourcing and production. Consumers in Mexico increasingly seek information about the origin, manufacturing processes and ethical considerations, including animal welfare, of their food and beverages.

This shift in consumer behavior also extends to an increased focus on the quality of what they consume. Products like craft beer have a substantial opportunity in Mexico. The Mexican market's size offers an opportunity for UK brands to enter and thrive.

Q: How did you select the products that would represent the UK in Mexico? What makes these brands unique?

A: We went to great lengths to craft a curated list that combines various elements. Collaborating with Palacio de Hierro has been an absolute delight, as their unwavering commitment to top-notch quality perfectly aligns with our objectives. Our primary focus was clear: to introduce something new, fresh and of the highest quality to the Mexican market. The UK excels in jams, biscuits, whiskey and gin. We carefully matched these strengths with the areas where we saw growing demand in Mexico. For example, while tea is not traditionally consumed much in Mexico, its popularity is on the rise and the UK is renowned for its expertise in tea production.

Q: How will these brands contribute to the overall diversification of products available to Mexican consumers?

A: Many of these products serve as bridges, bringing our two nations and cultures closer together. Much of it stems from sheer curiosity, as people are eager to try these products, leading to a deeper connection. This became evident during one of our tastings when we explored the British tradition of afternoon tea, complete with a delightful cup of tea, scones and jams. While the initial draw may be the jam, it ultimately results in a rich cultural experience that encapsulates the significance of these moments. 

Q: How has the Great brand played a role in promoting UK products and enhancing this collaboration?

A: The Great brand serves as a beacon to showcase the very best of the UK and is often associated with excellence, impact and positivity. The brand is strongly positioned, enjoying wide recognition around the world.  Food and drink, in particular, benefit from this brand, as it aligns perfectly with the slogan, "Food is Great." 

Q: Next year, the UK and Mexico celebrate their 200-year relationship. What can be expected from the embassy to celebrate this friendship?

A: There are plenty of surprises in store. This will be a celebration of a friendship that has endured for over two centuries. Our relationship is full of history and remarkable individuals that have brought our countries closer together,  offering numerous reasons for celebration. We find ourselves in the middle of negotiations for a bilateral trade deal, building upon the continuity agreement signed in December 2020, which serves as the foundation for our current bilateral trade relationship.

The UK also recently joined the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), opening up exciting new markets, once the agreement enters into force. This framework for trade is essential, enhancing our connection with Mexico within the context of the CPTPP.

Q: What are the long-term goals for the British Embassy's engagement with Mexico in the realm of trade and investment?

A: It is of paramount importance for us to continue fostering our bilateral trade relationship. Our objective is to increase the number of UK companies exporting to Mexico and expanding their presence within the Mexican market. The UK's offerings stand apart in Mexico thanks to the notable commitment of our companies, which are dedicated to the long-term development of Mexico. In addition to selling products, they create quality employment, often in remote areas of the country. They have high environmental standards and they invest in local education and infrastructure, contributing to the community's well-being. Even during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our companies extended support through donations and social initiatives. This commitment to Mexico's long-term progress sets our brands apart as they actively engage in making a positive impact on the country.

The Trade and Investment office at the British Embassy of the UK in Mexico supports UK companies exporting to Mexico and facilitates Mexican investments in the UK.


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