Francisco Meré
Co-Founder and CEO
View from the Top

Digital First at Online Bank

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:46

Q: What is Bankaool’s added value given that almost all banks are investing in fintech?

A: We have several unique characteristics. We have a considerable technology component based on our vision to incorporate modern technology, which makes us robust and flexible enough to design products and change processes when our clients ask. The platform operates similarly to an e-commerce site. It incorporates a simple and very intuitive process that provides the client the instant gratification of receiving a financial product, our main differentiator. At a regular bank, the customer goes to an office and then receives the offer of a digital experience. Here the digital experience comes first. We have a filter that prevents generic attacks and a token for transactions, in addition to the regular password, and a fraud prevention system

Q: What are the challenges related to offering this type of service in Mexico?

A: We are convinced that the customer experience should be based on trust. Bankaool is for everyone but not everyone is for Bankaool. Our clients must have a high level of trust in technology and should be users of other online products, such as Uber, Netflix and Spotify. There are people who prefer to go to a branch but there are many other people who prefer banking on demand