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Helping SMEs Become Competitive Through Online Exposure

By Sofía Hanna | Fri, 07/29/2022 - 10:00

Q: How has Brizko improved the way businesses approach their online experience? 

ES: We started selling on online marketplaces three years ago and identified a steep learning curve to sell in these spaces. Many companies did not know where to start but tried to undertake the entire process by themselves, leading to many mistakes and investments that did not provide the expected results. We decided to give businesses the know-how and tools to reach their desired marketplaces and start selling with the best practices from day one. 

JS: Everything started in-house. We first started selling our products online, which allowed us to identify and solve many problems our clients faced. Clients started to request our service and incorporate our tools into their stores. We were motivated by the goal of helping businesses solve these problems, so we ensured our software was ideal.


Q: How important is a company’s reach in its digital footprint?

JS: A digital presence is essential, but many businesses in Mexico do not prioritize it. Most businesses are not keeping up with digital trends, which could cause repercussions because the market is very competitive, especially through platforms like MercadoLibre. Businesses should always focus on their value proposition and differentiate themselves from competitors. Being active across different sales channels allows companies to stay competitive while they establish their digital presence.

ES: Company directors often know they need to manage their digital footprint, but they don’t know where to start. This is where we come in. With Brizko, a business becomes omnichannel since day one, all while keeping its same operation structure to avoid making it harder on companies.


Q: What does Brizko OS bring to customers?

JS: We are trying to turn our customers’ stores into fulfillment centers. Physical stores are in strategic locations, close to thousands of potential customers. But with Brizko, these stores are strategically used as storage and fulfillment spaces to cover online demand. We are making Brizko OS an omnichannel experience that gives users the option to order online and pick up in store or have same-day delivery at a much lower cost depending on their proximity to the closest store. We are also trying to turn stores into showrooms, where customers interact with products first and buy later.


Q: What benefits does Brizko’s omnichannel solution provide?

ES: If businesses claim they have an omnichannel service, they must deliver on that. Many stores say they have it but fail to provide the experience, potentially causing customers to avoid their services in the future. It is important to standardize this process and use it while keeping up with other customer trends. Customer needs are constantly changing, and we want to offer retail stores the abilities large players like Amazon or MercadoLibre have. This will give them a better chance to compete in the market. 

JS: Omnichannel allows stores to showcase their products while creating a significant online presence. When clients want to buy online, they first research the product, but if a company does not have an online presence, they will likely choose one that does. Some companies that provide an omnichannel service have different strategies for their online and offline stores, with different teams operating what might feel like different companies. For the customer, this means that they might find a product online but fail to associate it with the brand. This is where we come in. We help companies keep both their online and offline services on the same line.


Q: How does Brizko help SMEs grow their presence in the digital market? 

ES: We want to offer SMEs the solutions that large players like Walmart and Best Buy are already using. These solutions cost large companies millions of dollars but we make them available to SMEs so they can be on the same level as the big players. This is one of our main goals because we have seen many companies that do not have the investment capacity to achieve that and this should not be a limitation.


QWhat are Brizko’s expansion plans?

JS: Brizko started while we were studying at Tecnológico de Monterrey, where we learned to compete for investments, meet mentors and deal with failure. We kept up with trends and customer needs, which led us to move into Web3, crypto and the metaverse. We are looking forward to incorporating these trends into our services.

ES: The world is going through challenging times, so as entrepreneurs we are focusing on projects that are profitable in the short term. We believe that big ideas will not scale up or succeed in this market, so we are adapting to be profitable as soon as we can. We are focusing on what is realistic and affordable and carrying along with small projects.


Brizko is a flexible end-to-end omnichannel solution that simplifies the process of scaling a company’s online presence by offering a better brand experience and reducing operational risks.

Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Journalist and Industry Analyst