Intentionally Drifting to Mexico’s Hot Market
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Intentionally Drifting to Mexico’s Hot Market

Photo by:   SHVETS production
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 01/10/2022 - 17:34

Months after becoming a unicorn, B2B commerce and marketing company Drift announced it is ready to enter the Latin American market, choosing technology hub Guadalajara, Mexico to establish its first flagship post where it will source most of its talent. Over the course of 2022 the company plans to grow its workforce from 40 employees to at least 100 to seize the market opportunities of one of the fastest growing markets, said Drift in a press release.

“Guadalajara is home to incredible talent and innovative technology leaders and we are excited to play a part in the expansion of this community. Our new conversation space will help us scale talented and diverse engineering teams to build world-class products for our global customer base while capitalizing on the rapidly growing market we see in Latin America,” said David Cancel, Co-founder and CEO, Drift.

The company has found success in creating a market niche of their own. Its “Conversational Marketing” platform uses software and AI to create a personalized and ultimately frictionless experience for its end users. While frictionless commerce is nothing new, its application towards companies end-to-end has been largely ignored. In order to replicate similar results in the second largest economic center in Latin America, Drift is looking to draw regional business know-how and cultural nuances from its newly sourced workforce.

“At Drift, we are focused on authentic, tech-driven customer experiences. Marketing and sales are now 24/7/365 jobs, and B2B businesses need to provide responses within seconds - all with a human touch. Our platform enhances the customer experience by bridging the gap between automation and human connection. That means everything from answering questions quickly and thoroughly, to streamlining the customer journey for greater sales leads is taken care of by Drift. Because of this, marketers are maximizing their productivity on the clock, while still generating sales during off-hours” Dena Upton, Chief People Officer at Drift told MBN.

Effectively, this market approach uses technology to supplement and adapt to human exchanges in real time, a strategy that allowed the Drift to capture and serve 50,000 every-busy industry leaders on its platform. Drift allowed businesses to bypass their own learning curve and accelerate their own revenue streams. In Mexico, the company will have access to a highly qualified talent pool and an ambitious business community supported by a rebounding economy, forecasting a year of growth for the unicorn.

Photo by:   SHVETS production

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