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Mercado Libre’s New Meli Air

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 12/09/2020 - 14:22

This year has turned out to be very profitable and full of opportunities for the e-commerce sector. Mercado Libre is one of the strongest players in the sector and it has enjoyed exponential growth over these past months. On Dec. 3, the company celebrated another milestone with its new proprietary air fleet under the name "Meli Air".

Mercado libre is an Argentinian company that this year celebrates 20 years of operations in Mexico. IN 2020, the company obtained the biggest loan given to a fintech company following growth in 3Q20 of 146 percent against 3Q19, as mentioned by David Geisen, General Director of Mercado Libre in Mexico, in a Milenio article. One of the company's objectives for this year was having better distribution centers, improving their last-mile logistics and working toward the release of their air fleet "Meli Air," reported MBN.

"Here is where we consolidate our expansion as the largest e-commerce company in Latin America," said David Geisen during the inauguration event celebrated in Queretaro. State Governor Francisco Domínguez Servién explained that the Queretaro Intercontinental Airport (AIQ) is third in terms of national cargo transport and fifth in international cargo, making it the right choice for Mercado Libre to develop its fleet plan, which will represent an investment of MX$1 billion (US$50.2 million) and four new airplanes that will cover four different routes with a total capacity of 40 tons, according to Milenio.

This new plan will benefit the company and encourage entrepreneurs to go a step further in terms of sales and logistics, giving them more options and accessibility when it comes to shipping, said Domínguez. The new project will boost economic recovery in the state by supporting projects and initiatives that generate jobs and new opportunities, explained the Queretaro governor.

Mercado Libre’s venture is also a milestone for Queretaro’s aerospace and aviation industries. As previously mentioned in MBN, the state has been working toward being more relevant and competitive in these sectors. Queretaro, at the moment, is the fourth-biggest contributor to the aerospace industry. "In times of COVID-19, it is of utmost importance to have tools and alliances that allow linking supply with demand at the regional and national level. We are sure that the arrival of Meli Air will increase the competitiveness of the Queretaro airport. It will expand the national logistics network and will also boost the SME economy," said Marco Antonio Del Pete Tercero, Queretaro’s Minister for Sustainable Development (SEDESU), in an article by Milenio.

One of Mercado Libre’s next goals in the country is also the release of a savings solution that will work through the company’s app as a digital wallet that will allow users to send and collect money, to pay for services and to manage their capital to which they will have immediate access, reported Milenio.

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