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More Businesses Seek to Reopen Amid Red-Light Lockdown

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 01/25/2021 - 18:54

After almost a year in quarantine, more businesses are starting to raise their voices, asking to be able to open their doors again. The National Association of Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD) has been discussing with the Mexico City government how to reach middle ground.

ANTAD's petition to the Mexico City government proposes the opening of department stores. After an online meeting, Minister of Economic Development (SEDECO) Fadlala Akabani mentioned that they would be discussing this issue with the city’s Epidemiological Council to find a solution that benefits everyone, reports Forbes. ANTAD is basing its petition on two factors. First, the association mentions that stores are safe spaces with controlled access that would be sanitized regularly. Stores are actually willing to work according to a scheme agreed with the authorities regarding schedules and limited capacity. Second, ANTAD highlights the impact of the pandemic, which so far represents a loss of MX$630 million (US$31 million) and over 83,956 people without work, reported Retailers.

"More than 10 months after the start of the health crisis, everything is essential. Consumers look for all kinds of products regardless of whether they are essential or not ... Consumers are safer in protected places, where they can meet their needs," Vicente Yáñez, Executive President of ANTAD, stated in an official release.

The message is supported by two new hashtags in social media: "#ReactivarSinArriesgar" (Reactivate Without Risk) and "#SomosEspacioSeguro" (We Are a Safe Space), following the trend created by restaurateurs with their own hashtag #AbrimosoMorimos. As previously reported by MBN, restaurants in the capital city made took a stand by opening their businesses despite red-light restrictions. As a result, the government decided to allow restaurants to open with certain restrictions.

Department stores are not the only ones asking for new consideration. The National Chamber of the Film Industry (CANACINE) has also asked authorities to allow cinemas to open their doors again. "Almost a year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, today we can assure through extensive scientific studies that have been delivered to the authorities in different occasions, that cinemas should not have to be closed as they do not represent a contagion risk," states the CANACINE release. The association also highlighted how the film industry has been severely affected by the pandemic, losing 96 percent of its income.

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