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New Measures for Successful, Contagion-Free Buen Fin

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 11/09/2020 - 19:30

Buen Fin started today and will last until Nov. 22. This sales period is expected to have a big impact on businesses and it is a great opportunity to reactivate the economy after months of lost sales. Still, especially because of the sanitary situation Mexico is in, the protocols released are very strict. 

According to ANTAD, stores will not have a restricted schedule under the condition that sanitary protocols are respected thoroughly. This means keeping store capacity at 30 percent, making masks and antibacterial gel mandatory and implementing social distancing measures at all stores. ANTAD is also encouraging online shopping as it implies smaller crowds and decreased risk of contagion. 

As mentioned in a previous MBN article, Buen Fin was also extended to avoid overcrowding of customers. Stores have also installed specialized emergency vans that buyers can find at mall parking lots. Pick-and-collect points will also be made available for virtual buyers to refine their online shopping experience. Most of these measures were implemented before the Buen Fin, but they will be reinforced because of the number of people that will visit the stores over these two weeks. 

Even though shopping in person is a concern, online shopping is expected to have a major role this season. As stated in Forbes, online sales will represent seven out of every ten buys during the Buen Fin. Approximately 24 percent of the people interviewed by AMVO are planning to spend up to MX$10,000 (US$491.58) online, reports Forbes. The most popular categories are expected to be electronics (58 percent), fashion (52 percent), home appliances (38 percent), furniture (35 percent) and videogames (30 percent). 

The Buen Fin’s role in economic recovery is also why some people got half of their aguinaldo earlier, as previously mentioned by MBN. While the campaign could positively affect the Mexican economy, it could also be used as a standard for online businesses. As stated in Forbes, 85 percent of the potential buyers are considering participating online, which makes the internet an attractive market for retailers. AMVO’s report states that the main objectives from this Buen Fin are benefiting Mexican families and supporting the country’s economy to start recovering from the pandemic, according to Forbes. 

On ANTAD’s report, Vicente Yáñez, President of the association, said people should seize the offers but carefully, with the right protocols and following instructions from authorities. 

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Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Journalist and Industry Analyst