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An Omnichannel Strategy Requires Synchronization

Alejandro Colin - VTEX
VP of Business Development Mexico and Central America


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 06/07/2022 - 09:42

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 Q: How is digitalization affecting the B2B sphere and how is VTEX using technology to improve this market segment?

A: Digitalization concerns all businesses. It is more common to perceive its impact in B2C companies because the technology was slow to penetrate the B2B sector. E-commerce entered B2B gradually. By combining user experience services and technological devices into an omnichannel model, VTEX succeeds in connecting companies. Our platform offers security and accelerates orders.

The omnichannel approach has also boosted composable commerce, which combines best-in-class e-commerce solutions into a single application.


Q: How can businesses benefit from VTEX?

A: VTEX is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows clients to manage their expenses according to their needs. We are a reliable technological partner as we can launch new platforms in only three to six months, while most other companies often take up to three years to launch them. Thanks to our 3,200 active stores across the world, VTEX has the knowledge and experience to offer the latest global trends to our clients.


Q: How is VTEX planning to expand in Mexico and Latin America?

A: Globally, Mexico is among our markets with the largest potential. Between 2000 and 2015, e-commerce lagged in the country but its penetration dramatically accelerated during the past few years. Many companies are eager to embrace digitalization and VTEX aims to be their partner by accelerating the transition and offering technological and financial benefits.

Software and knowledge acquired in recent years have transformed the Latin American market in terms of technology and costs. Mexican companies should learn from the experience of the companies in the region, as they share the same challenges.


Q: Why does VTEX ally with different partners, such as Mercado Libre?

A: VTEX has always been focused on digitizing all commerce channels for businesses, regardless of the final client. Currently, there are three types of companies: those that started e-commerce operations before the pandemic, those that entered the e-commerce market during the pandemic and those that have not been able to do so. VTEX can be a solution for all of them.

VTEX aims to grow and originate an ecosystem that generates a network effect based on platforms and technologies. Composable commerce aims to connect marketplaces that already have a user base because for many brands it is important for their products to be accessible to consumers across marketplaces. The synchronicity of commercial channels is what omnichannel is about.


Q: How will VTEX boost e-commerce among different sectors?

A: Mexico and Latin America will witness an industrial revolution. Within this digital transformation, companies must be experts on their own industry to identify their real necessities. VTEX can help them boost their added value digitally by opening digital channels.


Q: How is VTEX mitigating the challenges e-commerce companies face?

A: We live in an era of convenience that is based on the capacity to access products. Technology offers us immediacy and a variety of options. We have focused on connecting sellers and buyers because different industries are suffering from a lack of materials and other supply problems. Beyond connecting businesses, an omnichannel strategy allows companies to create an intelligent supply network. We have to lean on logistics and commercial networks not as a company but as actors in a common environment.


Q: What is VTEX’s main objective in Mexico?

A: The Mexican market is in the spotlight. We aim to continue supporting companies to digitize their systems by offering them a viable, economic and flexible option to enter the digital network market. As more companies emerge and competition increases, VTEX aims to continue supporting the Mexican economy as it enters the digital era.

Companies must have strategies to continue selling during the next seven months, while technologically supporting their operations to make their organizations grow. They need to have this information to survive in the future.


VTEX helps global companies build, manage and deliver native and advanced B2B, B2C, and Marketplace commerce experiences with unprecedented time-to-market and without complexity.

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