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PROFECO E-Commerce Digital Badge Could Become Mandatory

By Sofía Hanna | Thu, 03/11/2021 - 15:53

The Federal Consumer Protection’s Office (PROFECO) published on Feb. 26 the guidelines for obtaining a digital badge for e-commerce to generate confidence among digital buyers. On Mar. 9, the office released a new statement mentioning that even though getting the badge is voluntary at the moment, PROFECO is looking to make this mandatory for all digital marketplaces. 

In the official release, it was mentioned that these digital badges have been implemented as a tool to generate confidence in consumers. “It is granted to suppliers that respect the legal framework for the protection of the rights of consumers,” the release states. The idea is to give this recognition to suppliers and vendors who promote security, transparency and confidentiality in their transactions. The requirements to obtain the digital badge, as mentioned by Forbes, are: 

  • Respecting and protecting of consumer rights. 
  • Creating and promoting truthful, verifiable and clear advertising.
  • Creating, maintaining and promoting commercial practices that are not abusive, coercive, unfair, deceptive or that harm consumers’ rights and interests. 
  • Building trust through good practices.
  • Implementing effective internal mechanisms to prevent, attend and satisfy consumer complaints and claims. 

As mentioned in PROFECO’ press release, all virtual stores or e-commerce platforms will have to make available to consumers: 

  • Their trade name, brand, denomination or company name;
  • Federal taxpayer registration;
  • Payment and billing methods;
  • Mechanisms for return, replacement or exchange of goods, products or services and
  • Proof of the commercial transaction.

“After the transformation that the present pandemic has forced us to go through as a market, as a community and as a society, we need these tools to turn the virtual market into a total equivalent of the real, more tangible material market,” Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, Federal Attorney for the Consumer, said on Mar. 9, according to a PROFECO release. Sheffield said it is important for all digital stores to follow the regulations to provide a high level of protection to the consumer, which is why PROFECO is making this badge mandatory, according to El Economista

This initiative was planned since September 2018 by the Ministry of Economy and it was called the Mexican Electronic Commerce Standard, according to the Federal Consumer Protection Law. The Code of Ethics for Electronic Commerce and the Profeco Digital Badge were added to the law, given that most businesses have now embraced e-commerce. The digital badge has a cost of MX$3,000 (US$145.22) plus VAT and is valid for one year, according to El Economista.


The data used in this article was sourced from:  
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