The Week in Retail: 2023 Discount Season Promises Profits
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The Week in Retail: 2023 Discount Season Promises Profits

Photo by:   Mohamed Hassan, Pixabay
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Mariana Allende By Mariana Allende | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 10/05/2023 - 10:00

This week, Lala and FEMSA were recognized as the strongest and fastest-growing Mexican brands, respectively. Additionally, Google Trends shared some insights into the upcoming discount season. Meanwhile, the General Manager of the beverage delivery app Pídele a Pepe talks about the opportunities and challenges in the e-commerce market of alcoholic beverages.

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Lala is Named Mexico's Strongest Brand; FEMSA Leads in Growth

Brand Finance recognized Lala as the strongest brand in the Mexican market, citing its 4% increase in brand value to US$666.6 million. FEMSA experienced the highest growth in brand value, soaring by 63% to US$648.3 million, driven by a 22% increase in sales in 1Q23 and an overall revenue surge of 21% in 2022 across all business units.


Buen Fin Anticipates Generating MX$141 Billion Revenue in 2023

Mexican businesses are anticipated to generate US$7.8 billion in revenue during this year's Buen Fin, according to CONCAMIN, based on historical data and economic projections. Juan Vallejo, Retail Lead, Google, says that the 2023 discount season will likely be positive, citing factors like stable economic conditions, an extended Buen Fin duration and increased consumer trust as reasons for potential profitability.


Wine, Liquor Jump on the Digital Bandwagon

Daniela Uribe, General Manager, Pídele a Pepe, talks about the Mexican alcoholic beverages e-commerce market, highlighting the brand’s comprehensive catalog, competitive delivery times and focus on price competitiveness. Pídele a Pepe’s app uses customer history tracking and employs a dynamic marketing team to build brand loyalty, especially on social networks like TikTok. 


Tech Can Drive Market Democratization: Yuju

Harold Marraoud, Founder and CEO, Yuju, shares how he established a SaaS company in Mexico, making a significant impact with limited funds by capitalizing on the country's growing e-commerce market. With a focus on process automation and affordability, Yuju's long-term goals include expanding operations across Latin America, fostering small business growth and continually innovating its key solutions: Yuju Marketplace and Yuju Analytics.

Photo by:   Mohamed Hassan, Pixabay

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