Manuel Iglesias
Country Manager
Kintech Engineering
View from the Top

Accuracy a Key Measure of Success

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 10:16

Q: What role does Mexico play in your global portfolio given the local wind industry development?

A: Kintech Engineering opened an office in Mexico in 2014 but it has been present in the country for a longer period. We are a Spanish company founded in 1999 with the development of the EOL 2020 data logger, which was an extremely successful and innovative product due to its integrated telemetry system. In 2007, the company launched the EOL Zenith data logger, which presented considerable improvements in comparison with the previous version. That same year, Kintech Engineering started to increase its presence in international markets, including Mexico. So far, Mexico does not represent as large a share in Kintech Engineering’s portfolio as other emerging markets, such as Brazil, but it is expected to grow in the coming years. What differentiates Kintech Engineering from its competitors is that we are also manufacturers, which in combination with our wide network of regional offices allows us to provide better aftersales services. In Mexico, as in other international markets, we distribute our products and offer technical support to renewable energy developers.

Q: How important is R&D for your business and what is your latest groundbreaking innovation?

A: Kintech Engineering was founded as an electronic engineering firm to develop innovative electronic equipment. R&D has been a core part of our business since the early stages, as Kintech Engineering is always looking to innovate and improve the performance of its equipment. We are not the only company providing real-time telemetry, for example, but we offer the best performance. One of our key innovations has been the integration of an additional wiring panel to our devices’ sensors to protect the system from natural electric discharges, which some internal protection systems might not withstand. This solution avoids the incorporation of external protection devices that might affect a measurement’s quality. Another important innovation is the algorithm the company developed for measuring wind turbulence, which improves the accuracy of the most-used method, incorporating standard deviation methods at 10-minute intervals. The new algorithm was awarded a prize by the Spanish Association of Wind Energy, recognizing our contribution to the sector. Kintech Engineering’s devices are the only ones in the market using this algorithm but we are pushing wind power associations to include it in the regulations for wind energy equipment, such as the IEC 61400.

Q: Which of your products are most popular among companies operating in Mexico and why?

A: The EOL Zenith data logger has been extremely successful in Mexico and it is the company’s flagship product. Its cutting-edge characteristics, such as the highreach telemetry system that works perfectly in remote areas with weak or absent GSM wireless coverage, make it very attractive. Furthermore, the data logger uses a special encoder system to compress data packages, making it easier and cheaper to transmit data via satellite in places without a GSM network. We have also seen great demand for the KT-470 wind tower, which was designed by Kintech Engineering and provides shorter installation times as a result of its user-friendly structure.

Q: How do you ensure your products provide accurate measurements to avoid overestimating generation rates?

A: Our data logger equipment is designed according to the specifications of the IEC 61400 norm and is based on our vast knowledge and experience in the sector. It uses a special operating system designed by Kintech Engineering, which has been specially tailored for wind and solar energy applications. This particular characteristic makes our systems more accurate than other data loggers that use generic operating systems. The accuracy of anemometers is especially critical as a variation of 0.1m/s in the average wind speed is equivalent to around 100 equivalent hours of nominal power per year. We have considered that sensitivity while designing our equipment, giving our systems the ability to perform real-time measurements.