AGRANA Fruit Mexico, CITRUS Implement Absolicon Solar Heat Tech
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AGRANA Fruit Mexico, CITRUS Implement Absolicon Solar Heat Tech

Photo by:   CITRUS
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Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/10/2022 - 09:59

AGRANA Fruit Mexico and CITRUS have signed an agreement for the installation of a demo plant at the former company’s facilities in Zamora, Michoacan. The full potential for solar heat installations at AGRANA’s plant is 3000m2. The initial system is expected to commence operations in 2023, using the patented Absolicon T160 technology, with an operational temperature of up to 160°C heat and 8 bar steam.

Initially, a solar collector field with a total size of 450m2 will be set up. Following an evaluation period, the solar installation will provide the basis to define the scope and detailed design for a potential future expansion.

AGRANA, an internationally oriented Austrian company with 9000 employees distributed over 55 production sites around the world, transforms fruit and other agricultural raw materials into high-quality products for its global customers. With the goal to reduce its carbon footprint, water consumption and waste to protect and enhance biodiversity and soil health, the group aims to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations by 2040. ​

“AGRANA Fruit has a group objective of decarbonizing its processes by the year 2040 and this type of technology contributes to the strategy to achieve this goal, in addition to the fact that we will use solar energy, which is abundantly available to us,” said Roberto Acosta, Operations Director, AGRANA Fruit Mexico.

Both AGRANA and CITRUS emphasized the project is an important milestone that proves the decarbonization of industry is both achievable and commercially viable.

“Mexico is one of the most important markets for agribusiness worldwide and CITRUS is fully committed to transforming it into a profitable and clean industry. The implementation of this demo plant together with AGRANA, using the most efficient solar concentrator technology in the world, is a big step not only for AGRANA but for the entire food processing industry, as it will confirm that industrial decarbonization is profitable and a reality,” stated Katia Bernal, CEO, CITRUS.

AGRANA Fruit is an internationally oriented Austrian industrial company that adds value to agricultural commodities to create industrial products for downstream industries. AGRANA represents top product quality, optimal services as well as innovative ideas and expertise in terms of product development. Its products and services are appreciated by customers around the world.

CITRUS is an engineering consultancy based in Mexico City. CITRUS is an official production line partner to Absolicon and both work toward finding and integrating the right clean, competitive energy technologies and solutions for manufacturing. Find more info about CITRUS’ partnership with Absolicon here.

Absolicon Solar Collector was established in 2005 as a research and development company in solar technology. Today, Absolicon is a publicly listed company with more than 10 years of operational experience coming from all parts of the world. Absolicon specializes in providing tools for the transition from fossil fuels to clean power, providing a profitable, easy-to-install, and emission-free energy solution using solar thermal resources as well as complete robotic production lines for the solar collectors.

Photo by:   CITRUS

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