Alliances Necessary in Uncertain Landscape
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Alliances Necessary in Uncertain Landscape

Photo by:   Mexico Business Publishing
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Gustavo Rodriguez - Vansertec
CEO and Founder


Q: What added value does Vansertec provide to the Mexican market?

A: In general terms, Vansertec provides added value through its strong ties with various chambers and business organizations in Mexico. We are always looking for opportunities to strengthen our business network. This takes on even greater importance now because of the political climate in the country. Vansertec was founded as a marketing company and our strength has always been sales, but political issues have slowed us down in the energy sector. The decisions taken by the federal government have greatly affected us. Communication with the government also has not been as dynamic as we would like it to be, although our involvement with associations like COPARMEX is a great help in that area.  To better address the needs of companies in the sector, a group of entrepreneurs are planning to establish a National Chamber for the Energy Industry. So far, 108 entrepreneurs from 10 states have signed the founding charter.

Q: What are Vansertec’s priorities in the Mexican energy sector?

A: Vansertec is dedicated to distributed generation. At the moment, we are not involved in projects beyond that. We focused our business model on distributed generation projects of less than 500KW, but we would like to provide our services to users that consume over 500KW, which is mainly the industrial sector. Vansertec will address its business vision using the isolated supply model. This model is based on the fact that individuals can generate their own energy source as long as the installation is located on the same property and does not occupy space on the national distribution networks. There is a great opportunity in Mexico City to develop this type of energy project given the city’s lack of space, which translates into the construction of more vertical building.

Q: What strategic partnerships does Vansertec want to establish?

A: We are about to sign an agreement with UNAM that will allow us to develop technology that addresses the new service demands in the infrastructure sector. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge technology, such as solar glass.

We would also like to establish “try and buy” contracts with universities and technology developers. With these types of agreements, we have the opportunity to try out new products for a determined period. If our analysis proves our expected ROI, we then buy the technology. UNAM has a similar agreement with COPARMEX, with the purpose of continuing to develop the renewable energy industry and take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies provide.

Alliances related to R&D are also very important. We are always looking for technology that improves renewable energy generation and we are interested in new developments related to storage.

 Q: What does the private sector need to do to maintain the competitiveness of renewable energies in Mexico?

A: The private sector must thoroughly analyze the current state of the Energy Reform and ensure it does not revert to its pre-Energy Reform days. To this end, we need to employ more lawyers specialized in the industry, which the Mexican Academy of Energy Law (AMDE) is doing. I consider this very important because we need to have the necessary tools to defend the interests of the renewable energy industry in Mexico.

It is also vital that we strengthen industry associations and partnerships. The collective approach is always stronger than the individual effort. Through various organisms, we can make our voices heard.

Q: What is Vansertec’s strategy for this year?

A: Vansertec is concentrating its efforts on developing projects under the isolated supply model. Distributed generation has been a very good business, but we need to grow. Similarly, we seek to consolidate alliances with universities in regard to technological development and UNAM is our best option. We also regard TEC de Monterrey as an ideal partner for business development. Between these two institutions we can cover both our goals: technology development and marketing. We will also continue to establish our business network.

Furthermore, we will continue to work with COPARMEX. If we land the projects already proposed in terms of photovoltaic glass, we could market our products in Mexico and abroad. It is important to complement the services we already offer with cutting-edge products.


Photo by:   Mexico Business Publishing

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