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Kepler Constructora
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Array of Services a Key Differentiator

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 15:21

Q: What added value does Kepler offer the Mexican market?

A: We are a basic infrastructure, heavy construction company that responds to the market’s requirements; that is to say, a services construction company. Kepler was established in the steel industry, and the main development area was, at the time, in the northern part of Mexico, specifically in the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon. Later, it played an important part in the other big steel industry pole development in Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas Las Truchas, on the Pacific Coast. As the demands in the energy generation sector began to grow, so did Kepler’s participation.

One of our main added values as a Mexican construction company is the wide spectrum of services we offer. From the very start of civil works, mechanical or electrical projects, we provide the best qualified labor as well as supervision, materials and equipment. Another added value is the level of quality and safety we offer to our clients and workers. Since 2002, Kepler has had its entire range of operations certified with ISO 9001-2015. We also have ASME certification with codes “S” and “U” and we work according to international standards in safety and care for the environment. Kepler is a socially responsible company. The fact that national and international clients return for new projects is greatly satisfying, and proof of a job well done.

Q: How does Kepler differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive and international market?

A: Due to our specialized work, for 42 years now we have always had international clients, even though the final client might be a federal institution like PEMEX or CFE. We are internationally known in the steel, power generation, mining and petrochemical industries. Our clients may change but our policies and ethics remain the same. “Kepler constructs ... and constructs the Mexico we all want” is our motto and our goal. We have received a variety of international awards for quality. Every foreign company in Mexico needs a Mexican construction company to carry their projects to a successful and timely conclusion. Kepler presents solutions that address the complexity and multitude of needs an industrial project in another country represents.

Q: What role does the energy sector play in your business strategy?

A: Modifications to the secondary energy laws in the early 1990s opened the market to the private participation of both national and international players. These modifications attracted international participants, and the electrical sector saw significant growth in a relatively short time. The recent changes in the Energy Constitutional Law are interesting opportunities for participants of all kinds. Since the construction of the first privately-owned power generation plant in Mexico, the experience Kepler offers in this field includes production of more than 12,000MW, construction of over 30 power-generation plants, simple or combined cycle, internal combustion and coal fuel technologies. The high productivity levels we guarantee makes us, if not the best, then one of the best options in Mexico.

Q: How do you guarantee that projects are completed on time, on budget and to a high quality?

A: Excellence does not happen by chance or only once; this is part of Kepler’s business strategy and staff training. We want to do things right from the outset, which is the basis for a project completed on time, on budget and of the best quality possible. A third important principle for us is team work. These are values that, repeatedly practiced, save money, satisfy the client and create prestige.