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Baja California’s Solar Project Contested

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 08/27/2020 - 14:30

Baja California’s solar tender is still uncertain. In other Mexico news, CFE names a new financial director, and Iberdrola signed a long-term PPA with Bayer. Internationally, Wood Mackenzie predicts green hydrogen and a certain battery chemistry to become more dominant in the global energy sector by 2030. Poland looks toward renewable energy tenders as well.

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Baja California Aims to Contract Solar Power Plant, Meets Resistance from SENERBaja California’s government launched a call to contract solar energy. The state has long struggled to meet its energy demand, leading the state government to search for adequate solutions. The call consisted of a bidding process, after which the winning private party will build a US$200 million solar power plant. Whether the bidding process will go through remains uncertain since Governor Jaime Bonilla met resistance from Mexico’s Ministry of Energy. Based on reports from local news outlet La Voz de La Frontera, Bonilla has been in contact with Minister of Energy Rocío Nahle, who stated that CFE was planning to build a power plant in that state already.

CFE Names New Financial Director

Former CFE Financial Director José Antonio Rojas resigned on Friday, Aug. 21. Edmundo Sánchez has been appointed as his successor, reported El Financiero. The reason behind this is a strategic change in management, reported CFE.

Specific reasons for Rojas’ departure were not shared by CFE. El Financiero reports that this comes in the midst of a negotiation with the Union of Electrical Workers of the Mexican Republic (SUTERM) in regards to a reduction in years of employment to qualify for retirement.


Iberdrola to Provide Bayer México with Green Energy

Spanish energy giant Iberdrola has singed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with German pharmaceutical group Bayer. The PPA stems from Iberdrola’s 105MW Santiago wind farm in Guanajuato and will be valid for 15 years, reported Bayer. The German company already counts on clean energy to supply its four power plants in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Veracruz. Iberdrola often relies on PPAs to provide stability for its hefty energy investments worldwide. For example, in Mexico, it signed such an agreement with Grupo Modelo. 


Mirage Energy to Supply Gas to Oaxaca and Chiapas

Mirage Energy has signed a Letter of Intent to provide 200 MMcf/d of natural gas to J&E Administration Integral, which will help make cheap gas and electricity available in Oaxaca and Chiapas, two states that struggle with access to affordable and reliable energy. The natural gas will be distributed through the San Fernando/Cactus Line, part of Mirage’s US$4 billion cross-border gas and oil infrastructure plans.



WoodMac: Green Hydrogen on the Rise; New Battery Chemistry to Lead Storage Market by 2030

Research and consultancy group Wood Mackenzie predicts that green hydrogen production costs will be at the same level as fossil-fuel-based hydrogen by 2030 in markets that are investing heavily at the moment, such as Germany.

Furthermore, the firm predicts that a new, different battery chemistry will become the most popular for stationary energy storage. As the market begins to split between batteries used for electric vehicles and stationary storage, lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) is to take the top spot when it comes to the latter by the year 2030.


Poland Could Tender 2.2GW in Clean Energy

Poland’s Ministry of Climate aims to tender large amounts of renewable energy projects, as parts of its plans to build 20GW of solar energy and 10GW of wind capacity by the year 2040. Poland also looks toward biomass, hydro and biogas projects to a much lesser extent, reported Renewables Now.


Siemens Gamesa Pronounces Financial Restructuring

Renewables Now reported that Siemens Gamesa is looking to improve profits by restructuring its finances for the period of 2021-2023. The company will refocus its approach toward project profitability rather than volume, it will favor liquidity and will have efficiency, innovation and productivity as its main pillars.

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