Business Opportunities Under One Roof

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 14:43

All companies are at the starting line with their eyes trained on the best projects in the market. The race is about to commence and players are paying close attention to the changing legal paradigms. In parallel, they are also measuring themselves against their closest competitors, and what better way to gauge a company’s positioning than at a trade show where all businesses are gathered under one roof. EJ Krause, a global company that has created over 40 events worldwide, has identified a growing interest in emerging markets, such as Mexico, for staging trade exhibitions. José Navarro, Director General of EJ Krause de México, has particularly noted that the renewable energy and sustainability industries bring together a rich variety of investors, financiers, and other professionals.

One of the main events it hosts is the GREEN Expo, an environmental and renewable energy show that has been growing over the past 22 years, and every year it gathers over 300 companies from around the world. “The GREEN Expo covers a wide range of trending topics, from waste management, to recycling, water management, energy savings, energy efficiency, green cities, and construction markets,” Navarro explains. Events such as GREEN Expo allow companies to glimpse the rising trends in the industries. “Mexico recycles very little of its waste and, as a result there is a need for new recycling businesses to be developed. We have witnessed the evolution of a new business model and we are intent on helping recycling companies develop and grow through our events,” he adds. Another flagship tradeshow is Mexico WindPower, which is dedicated to the development of the Mexican wind energy market. “It features the largest array of companies that manufacture wind energy equipment and products, and offer services to aid the wind energy generation,” Navarro describes. This show also gathers the most influential players, from policy makers, manufacturers, and wind farm developers, to academia. To ensure the success of tradeshows, associations like CONIECO and AMDEE play an important role in representing the interests of the companies in their respective sectors. These entities aim to share knowledge, liaise with the government, and encourage ties between international and national industrial communities. “We are a perfect match because we can share our expertise by gathering renowned industrial players under one roof to do business, and at the same time assume the financial risk of hosting a professional event,” Navarro states.