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CENACE Begins Collaboration; Miners Look to Decarbonize

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 05/06/2021 - 16:04

CENACE and UNISON are to collaborate toward the improvement of data science and modelling of Mexico’s grid. In other news, Mexican mining operations continue their aim to decarbonize their operations while companies such as IEnova, Naturgy and Vestas report their quarterly results. Read it all here in the roundup!



IEnova Reports Growth and Eyes Further Opportunity

Sempra Mexican arm IEnova highlighted positive results during 1Q2021. The company outlined its investments forecasts for 2021 and fostered an uptick in profits of 4 percent compared to 1Q20. Furthermore, IEnova sees partnerships with Mexico’s state-owned companies as the ideal strategy.


CENACE and the University of Sonora Sign Collaboration Agreement

CENACE and the University of Sonora (UNISON) have signed an agreement to collaborate and strengthen the national grid operator’s aptitude in data science to better model and predict energy demand, according to a joint statement.


Mexican Mining Operations Aim for Net Zero

Net zero emissions, decarbonization and clean energy are no longer vague buzzwords for Mexico’s mining industry. Companies have taken serious steps to impulse sustainability through various avenues, including addressing their energy supply. Despite Mexico’s private energy industry facing more barriers than it has in years, progress continues.


US Already Involved as Much as it Can to Stop Energy Reforms

Lisa Viscidi, Director of the Energy, Climate Change and Extractive Industries Program at the Inter-American Dialogue, told BNAmericas in an interview that the US government is already using the tools it has available to intervene on behalf of US companies affected by policy changes in the Mexican market. More direct action would be unlikely.



Vestas Shows Sings of Struggle in Q12021

The Danish wind turbine giant Vestas was hit by COVID-19 restrictions and other extraordinary events, leading it to fail to reach positive figures in 1Q21, the company reported. The loss before interest and tax before special items amounted to US$85.4 million. “Although we have started the year a bit slower than expected, we remain positive we will catch up throughout the rest of the year by maintaining a strong focus on executing our 2021 goals and mid-term strategic priorities,” said President and CEO Henrik Andersen.


Naturgy Boasts Increased Renewable Output

Spanish energy and natural gas utility Naturgy reported it currently operates 4,967MW of renewables, 9.3 percent more than the same quarter in 2020. The company furthermore reported an EBITDA of US$142.4 million, down 5.6 percent compared to 1Q20.


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