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CENACE Director Resigns, Elecnor to Build 56MW Wind Farm

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 09/24/2020 - 16:12

Mexico’s energy regulators experienced an eventful week amidst reports of the resignation of CENACE’s Director and a meeting between regulators and president López Obdrador, who aims to get them on board the government’s policy direction. Furthermore, Spain’s Elecnor has been elected to build a wind farm in Baja California Sur. Internationally, China has announced its goal to become carbon neutral by 2060. Ready for more? Read your weekly energy roundup here!



Morcos presented his resignation to the General Direction of CENACE, reported El Financiero. Sources suggest that Carlos Meléndez, Corporate Deputy Director of Strategy at CFE is to take over the position.


Elecnor Chosen to Build 56MW Wind Farm in Baja California Sur

Spanish renewable energy developer Elecnor reported last Friday that it was chosen to buildthe Corumel wind farm in Baja California Sur. The farm has a capacity of 56MW and its constructions represents a contract valued at US$34.1 million. Elecnor was chosen to construct the project by Japan – based Eurus Energy, who are investing US$100 million in the project, half of which is supported by the Development Bank of Japan. The project will feature 20 GE turbines of 2.8 MW each.

Mexico’s Energy Regulators Will Endorse President’s Directive to Bolster CFE and PEMEX

Based on a report by Expansión, President López Obrador and the country’s energy regulators met this Tuesday, following a July memorandum in which the president asked them to align themselves with the government’s new direction for the energy sector. The goal of the meeting was to get the regulators on board with the state’s objective of strengthening PEMEX and CFE. According to sources of Natural Gas Intel, the regulators agreed to support.


Will Imported Natural Gas Drop to Historically Low Prices?

US natural gas prices are dropping steeply, with a perfect storm of causes to blame, which means the US$2 dollars per gallon might even be broken. However, experts agree that the price drop is likely only a temporary fix , as issues such as low demand in the US and a crash in gas prices in general will eventually resolve by themselves.


Battery Costs Halved Within Three Years: Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the advancements set to be unveiled during Battery Day would “blow your mind.” Wall Street, however, was not impressed by the small improvements on display, reported The New York Times. Nonetheless, Musk announced that battery costs would decrease by 50 percent within three years.


China Announces Carbon Neutrality Target by 2060

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that he hopes that China will have peaked their carbon emissions by 2030, further striving to be completely carbon neutral by 2060, reported Renewables Now. Xi Jinping stated that he believes the world is in need of a green revolution: “We call on all countries to pursue innovative, coordinated, green and open development for all,” he said. What exactly these plans entail is not yet clear, but is expected to be revealed in the company’s future 5-year plan.

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