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CFE and TC Energy Overcome Social Hurdles in Tuxpan - Tula

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 08/05/2021 - 16:01

CFE and TC Energy have struck a deal to address social issues halting pipeline developments. In other news, CFE is still recovering from February’s price hikes. Read this and more in the weekly roundup!



Tuxpan – Tula: CFE and TC Energy Overcome Social Hurdles

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and TC Energy have struck a deal to unblock social issues that have impeded the completion of the Tuxpan – Tula natural gas pipeline in Puebla. The pact seeks to bundle all of TC Energy contracts in the center of the country into one, which will confer CFE savings on payment commitments it would otherwise have to meet.


CFE Reports Consecutive Losses and Growing Costs

CFE reported approximately MX$15 million in losses and a 50.5 percent increase to operating costs since their first trimester report in April, now totaling more than MX$279 million. The hiked gas prices in February are still resonating in these results.


USMCA-based Energy Policy Concern is Premature, Clouthier Says

Following a letter from US legislators to president Joe Biden, Minister of Economy Tatiana Clouthier issued a response. Clouthier said the sector’s reorientation is more an industry issue than a foreign relations problem and that the government is ready for dialogue.


LIE Amendments Unenforceable

Despite having the Federal Collegiate Courts lift two permanent suspensions on amendments made to Mexico’s Electrical Industry Law (LIE), they remain unenforceable due to ongoing injunctions formulated by private companies who initiated amparo constitutional review procedures and as a result have been suspended.


Methane Leaks Threaten to Undo Much of Natural Gas’ Benefits

A group of researchers found that Mexico’s methane leaks are twice as high as those in the US, the world’s leading oil and gas producer. Methane is the largest component of natural gas, a fuel considered crucial for the energy transition. The harm it does to the environment threatens to erase the clean-burning fossil fuel’s benefits.



Naturgy: Renewable Earnings Dip 10 Percent

Spanish power and gas utility Naturgy Energy Group SA reported its renewable and new business sector fell year-to year by almost US$24 million or 10.1 percent for the first six months of 2021. Even with non-ordinary items included, the company still represented a 4.1 percent decrease.


Could Iron-Air Batteries Become the Ideal Storage Tech?

US startup Form Energy has revealed more information regarding its “revolutionary” iron-air battery system, which could store energy for multiple days and do so at one-tenth of the cost of lithium-ion batteries.


5G Electric Industry Applications

While the electrical industry accelerates digitalization efforts, 5G and information communication technologies (ICT) offer vertical industries the option to increase efficiency and cut carbon emissions for the ultimate smart grid.

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