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CFE: Waison Wins Largest Portion of Tenders

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Tue, 09/14/2021 - 12:28

In the last auction carried out by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), representatives  looked over their former preferential voltage meter supplier Industrias Unidas (IUSA), and chose Chinese company, Waison Group.

The newcomer was awarded 42 percent of the 61 available tenders representing over MX$811 million (≈US$41 million); while IUSA came in second, winning only 31 percent for contract of MX$597 million (≈US$30 million). Coming in third place was Controls and Specialized Motors (Conymed) with 20 percent, equivalent to MX$395 million (≈US$20 million). In last place was Electrometer de las Americas obtaining 7 percent of the available tenders equal to MX$126 million (≈US$6.3 million) informed Miguel López López, CFE's Deputy Director of Contracting and Services, at a press conference.

Before 2019, when the Federal Economic Commission (COFECE) investigated IUSA for possible joint monopolistic practices with Conymed, the company had enjoyed preference from the state company winning the majority of tenders offered from 2009 through 2018. However, even after the investigation concluded and ruled out the monopoly the company failed to regain their footing with the electricity commission into 2020.

Of the technologies requested, basic single-phase meters closed at the lowest for MX$498 (≈US$25), followed by basic two-phase meters offered at MX$894 (≈US$45). While single-phase self-management meters lowest offer stood at MX$906 (≈US$45.6), the most expensive technology solicited was self-management biphasic meters which lowest offer was MX$1,511 (≈US$76).

Overall, the collective contractual amount with the companies amounts to MX$1,9 billion (≈US$97 million), representing considerable savings for the sate company. “When we arrived, we had an expense close to 4 billion pesos more or less, we have had significant savings both in the part of the procedures and in the part of the budget allocated to the purchase of these meters, "explained the deputy director.

For Waison, landing this contract represents an opportunity to establish their presence and possibly expand to other countries in Latin America. 

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