CITRUS Launches Industrial Solar Thermal Energy Program
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CITRUS Launches Industrial Solar Thermal Energy Program

Photo by:   CITRUS
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María José Goytia By María José Goytia | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 07/14/2022 - 12:25

CITRUS is launching a solar thermal generation initiative specially adapted for Mexico’s many important industrial processes.

Most of the products we use in daily life require heat for their production, either in the form of hot water or steam. Contrary to popular perception, the most significant energy demand in industrial processes comes from heat and not from electricity. Heat accounts for 70 percent of the energy consumed by industry, whereas electricity only translates to 30 percent.

This heat is generated by combustion processes in boilers or steam generators located in production plants. These generators often use fossil fuels, mainly natural gas, making them one of Mexico’s largest consumers of fossil fuels. The instability of the prices of these fuels and the dependence on imports, as well as the urgency to reduce CO2 emissions force companies to find solutions that guarantee a stable and secure supply of clean energy, most importantly at a competitive cost.

CITRUS is a Swedish-Mexican company that specializes in engineering disruptive, proven and cost-effective technologies for the decarbonization of industrial production processes. Committed to supporting and accelerating the energy transition of Mexico’s industrial players, CITRUS offers the market a stable, cheap and CO2-free alternative to fossil fuels to generate heat for industrial processes by taking advantage of the abundant solar resources available in the country.

This energy alternative is Absolicon's T-160 concentrated solar power technology, certified as the most efficient in the world. It is designed to guarantee a constant supply of thermal energy at a competitive price, therefore ensuring energy security and operational efficiency. Absolicon is a Swedish technology company specializing in concentrated solar heating solutions, with 20 years of experience in research and development and 10 years of commercial experience.

The Absolicon T-160 concentrates the solar radiation to heat fluids such as water, thermal oil, air and steam to 160°C. In addition, it can generate steam up to a pressure of 8 bar for various industrial applications. Absolicon solar concentrators have a record efficiency, capturing 76 percent of the available solar energy. By comparison, a standard photovoltaic panel has a conversion rate of approximately 20 percent.

For companies to test and benefit from this technology at no cost, CITRUS presented the initiative "CITRUS Demo Plant for Sustainable Industries,” developed to implement 3 demonstration plants so that industrial users can benefit from solar thermal energy without making any investments.

The companies chosen will be able to consume the energy generated by the plant for six months so that they can experience the having to commit further. Each demo plant has an approximate value of MX$3 million (US$144,000), which CITRUS will account for.

“We invite the industry to take advantage of this opportunity and register for this initiative that will be key to their decarbonization strategy,” the companies said. The industries open to this call include those involved in food and beverages, including dairy companies, breweries, tequila makers and meat producers.  Other industrial players that can benefit include manufactures of textiles, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as those involved in mining, chemicals, paper and pulp.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application form here:

Photo by:   CITRUS

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