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Client Retention Focus Leads to Success

Carla Ortiz - RER Energy Solutions
Country Manager


Cas Biekmann By Cas Biekmann | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 05/02/2022 - 09:08

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Q: How has RER Energy’s portfolio improved over the past year and what challenges did you face?

A: Regulatory challenges and technology opportunities were the main topics of last year. The transition from standalone solar to the creation of microgrids is materializing in 2022 and we are glad to be part of it. Our company has consolidated as and industry expert, as challenges and opportunities appear we constantly reinvent ourselves and prepare for the future. The most important factor for RER Energy in this transition is to maintain our core values and distinction, including our focus on the end customer. This year, we are including new financing options for our storage and solar solutions, which grants us a growth rate much higher than the industry’s average.

The ability to grow and contract according to market demand is a skill that the company is getting really good at. This year in particular, the market demanded accelerated vertical growth from us, which was met along with the integration of new technological and financial solutions.


Q: What is the importance of diversification, specifically for C&I companies?

A: Understanding that energy demand will soon surpass the existing energy infrastructure is essential to understanding the importance of Distributed Generation (DG) solar PV. Installing this technology will be critical to maintaining some stability in the fractionalized Mexican energy market where infrastructure is acutely uneven. At a time when most energy infrastructure projects are paused or completely on hold, this foreseeable outcome has become clear, prompting most industrial and commercial energy consumers to recognize DG solar as a low-hanging fruit with great short-term returns.


Q: What do you expect in the C&I Sector now that the proposed energy reform did not pass?

A: The C&I Sector was exposed to less regulatory risk in the energy reform conversations compared to other renewable energy markets. Nevertheless, as the legal framework was unclear, there were companies holding back their decisions. With more certainty, growth will be much higher in 2021 than the 66 percent growth of 2021.


Q: How does RER Energy guide clients in building solar system projects according to their energy needs?

A: Although RER Energy specializes in financing solutions for commercial and industrial clients within the Mexican energy market, it is far from all that we do. The company prides itself on its 100 percent client retention rate since 2008 when our solar division emerged in the US market. Underpinning this success rate is our added value proposition, which is imparted through data-driven energy consulting that eventually leads our clients to look to us as energy partners. Moreover, we understand that required energy capacity or compliance standards can change over time, which is why we have worked so diligently to become local experts. When the time comes, we can accurately guide our clients through the scaling process to attain the highest, optimal results.


Q: Given RER Energy’s growth over the past year, what financial solution has been the most popular among your clients?

A: There has not been a preferred solution among our clients, which is indicative of our ability to attract a diverse portfolio of customers. Within this client pool, however, we have noticed that our financial solutions are contingent on company goals and intentions. Clients that are committed to deriving long-term fiscal benefits often prefer to provide cash payments. Others seek payment flexibility and interim technology use, which can be accommodated with our leasing option. Clients that are interested in the technology but do not want to incur the financial risk of owning the technology often turn to our PPA option. In other words, we tailor our financial solutions to our clients’ needs and goals, which vary according to their objectives.

RER Energy Solutions develops and finances renewable energy projects for commercial, industrial and agriculture companies in Mexico.

Photo by:   RER Energy Solutions

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