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Consolidating the Link Between Producers, CFE, End Users

Enrique González - Schneider Electric
Zone President Mexico


Mon, 02/25/2019 - 13:42

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Q: What is Schneider Electric’s most relevant contribution to Mexico’s energy transition?
A: Schneider Electric is in the business of consolidating a critical link between power producers, CFE’s role as electricity transmitter and distributor and final users. Our purpose is to empower final users with an increasingly efficient energy consumption. Schneider Electric not only specializes in delivering quality products and services, it also enhances the productivity of final users in terms of energy use in their production processes.
Q: What is the potential of the circular economy in Mexico?
A: Energy efficiency, as our core expertise, is among our primary contributions to providing an optimal exit strategy to the energy dilemma. The latter revolves around continued fostering of economic growth using finite resources to sustain entire populations. For that to happen, a country needs dynamic productive activity, which in turn implies increased energy consumption. Eighty percent of carbon emissions is related to power generation. We want to provide an answer to economic growth that addresses the environment. We are at a crossroads where fully environmental policies may hamper economic growth, whereas fully focusing on productive activities risks damaging the environment. For us, the answer lies in increasingly optimizing energy utilization to foster environmentally-friendly economic growth. This is the value Schneider Electric is focused on building in the near term.
Q: How is Schneider Electric contributing to a generalized energy efficiency practice in Mexico?
A: We must continue working to raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency among the pool of final users across all scales: small, medium and large consumption. To be empowered, they need to be aware of the means at their disposal to invest in energy efficiency. Final users are gradually being made aware of this critical issue as it is now impacting their budgets. Mexico’s new energy model now shows the real costs of generating, distributing and transmitting electricity and is acting as a conscience trigger. It encourages energy savings and there is a wide array of options to attain them. The prevailing electricity subsidies should be rethought with a social lens to benefit the most marginalized portions of Mexico’s population. Schneider Electric has supported these communities by providing them solar energy, particularly in the state of Oaxaca. It is an effective solution for locations out of reach of the traditional transmission and distribution grid.
Q: What is the comparative advantage of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform?
A: Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform capitalizes on the existing and increasing convergence between energy and IoT. The number of devices, components, engines and machines that can be connected to share information in an interconnected network is on the rise. EcoStruxure organizes this connectivity to generate critical and user-friendly data on performance and fosters effective decision-making processes.
We now have the technology to allow a user to capitalize on and switch between different energy sources with variable costs throughout the day, as stipulated by supply and demand to optimize the user’s energy consumption. Without IoT, corrective measures in productive systems could take up to seven months to be successfully implemented. Now, corrective and preventive measures can be deployed in real time.
Q: How is Schneider Electric working to introduce the future of digital energy today in Mexico?
A: Schneider Electric’s latest developments follow a digitalization agenda. Several of our newest product launches were designed with a mission to connect to Mexico’s growing IoT network. We have also invested in reputable software companies, such as Invensys and AVEVA, to further push our digitalization ambition.

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