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Consuming Less Energy While Producing More

By MBN Staff | Sun, 02/02/2020 - 17:51

Q: What makes RAMADASA the go-to option for sustainable ROIs?

FP: We have a business approach. When talking about making important investments to change some industrial processes for business competitiveness, developing the capacity to drive both operational and financial certainty is critical. To obtain guaranteed results, our sustainability model, rooted in obtaining excellent performance, is backed by a proven specific method and science.

Our flagship product, RAMADASA 4.0, is an integrated management system aligned with ISO-50001 that establishes continuous improvement systems for energy consumers to ensure an efficient use of their consumption and increase their profitability. For certain companies, energy can total 30 percent of their costs. Without any infrastructure additional investment besides the integration of this system to improve, automate and control their processes, significant energy cost reductions ensue. RAMADASA 4.0 works through different phases. First, it runs an energy consumption diagnostic focused on identifying major energy uses and profiling management indicators that could be used to address them. Then, the system designs smart data management mechanisms based on policies and procedures for the company’s entire organization to be fully aware of the measures to be taken and how to implement them. These measures will be followed up with the creation of an Energy Committee that will draft the company’s energy policy, committed to energy efficiency. Then the engineering of energy efficiency projects follows. The system allows the client to run process simulations to shed light on the contemplated energy efficiency measures. Our solution relies on data intelligence gathering. We can design a tailor-made strategic census on energy consumption and integrate it into our platform to undertake the relevant analysis and showcase our diagnostics via user-friendly dashboards aimed at different corporate decision-making levels.

MA: The core differentiator of RAMADASA 4.0 is its proprietary digital platform that systematically integrates ISO-50001 and a database repository where user consumption profiles can be consulted and validated. An ordered timeline can be generated to monitor the company’s energy consumption evolution. It allows registration of organizational activities as a whole to foster shared knowledge to efficiently manage the amount of data generated. Our solution is meant to foster collaborative engineering to switch from conceptual engineering to detailed engineering, reducing error margins. Special attention is given at the pre-manufacturing level of the equipment to be installed, reducing times for energy efficiency infrastructure installation work.

Q: How does RAMADASA create energy efficiency in a userfriendly way?

MA: One of the ways we work with SMEs is by focusing on selling an outsourced service, just as human resources or fiscal tasks are often outsourced. Energy management can be outsourced just as well. We offer the opportunity of leaving all energy consumption and efficient management issues to a capable and expert team specialized in IoT and remote management so companies can take advantage of the benefits and opportunity areas while bypassing labor liability issues. FP: We also make our clients think about how much they are paying for their energy consumption and what proportion of their overall production costs it represents against their sales. Our system works to estimate the improvement of margins through energy efficiency measures. Companies are constantly immersed in their day-to-day operations and energy efficiency requires not only time and effort but also the constant pursuit of possible areas of improvement. There is always room for change within an operational model, especially if it can be improved and more cost-effective through our platform. With no directives from top management levels, change is difficult to trigger. If we can get management onboard and it is committed to making a change, it becomes much easier.

RAMADASA is a Mexican business consulting company specialized in energy consumption management and collaborative engineering. It focuses on driving efficient performance in the design and purchase of its clients’ manufacturing infrastructure.

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