CRE's S-CEL System

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 16:52

Mexico’s secondary market for energy trading, the Clean Energy Certificates (CELs), are not only open for business but also a compulsory requirement starting 2018. To facilitate trading operations for this particular instrument, CRE developed an online one-stop shop for interested parties: S-CEL. This electronic platform will manage all information pertaining to electricity generation and consumption of registered users. This includes the issuance, transactions, payment and voluntary cancellation of CELs. With this tool, Mexico’s energy regulator will verify the user’s compliance with its Clean Energy Requirements. Through this portal, CEL market participants will have a reliable, transparent, dynamic and secure instrument in all activities related to CEL management and regulatory compliance. The system also keeps a record of all transactions, either resulting from the long-term electricity auctions or from bilateral contracts. Periodical reports pertaining to CEL market activity also will be available.

This instrument is meant to be used by the country’s wholesale electricity market participants — power producers using technologies eligible for CELs, qualified suppliers required to comply with 2018’s 5 percent of electricity consumption produced from clean energy and mandatory participants — and is open to voluntary entities. In the first quarter of each year, the Ministry of Energy will establish the CELs requirement for the successive three years.