Iago Crespo
Director General
Genesal Energy Mexico
View from the Top

Customizing Generation Solutions

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 16:18

Q: What added value does Genesal Energy Mexico offer to the Mexican energy market?

A: Grupo Genesal is a Spanish company founded in 1994. The Genesal Energy Mexico subsidiary was established in 2014, although we have participated in the Mexican market since 2007. Our added value is to provide quality products and services, while including energy efficiency and adaptability. We offer power generation solutions based on three pillars: quality, reliability and efficiency. Even though our products can be integrated into almost every industry supply chain, we are focusing on special projects in the energy and construction industries.
In 2017, we identified an increasing demand for personalized services for wind and solar installations. The market is in constant growth and our goal is to provide solutions that can be adapted to the Mexican normativity. We comply with high-quality standards and at the same time, we want to help the country on its path to a smooth energy transition.
Q: What innovations does Genesal Energy Mexico bring to the power generation niche?

A: Grupo Genesal has always been at the forefront of power generation technology. Apart from the innovative spirit of the company, in 2011 we created the Technological Center of Distributed Energy (CETED). The center’s research purpose is not only to consider our clients’ specifications or to launch new products but to create new ways of manufacturing and developing products and processes efficiently.
The objective is to provide a tailor-made solution for every customer. CETED is one of the few research centers with a manufacturing department of power generator sets. We consider ourselves a cutting-edge company focused on local and global technology advancements.
Q: Is there any project where Genesal Energy Mexico’s participation was a key differentiator for its development?

A: We started a project in 2016 and the main challenge was to supply medium voltage electricity to a submerged tunnel that connects the cities of Coatzacoalcos and Villa Allende in Veracruz. The supplied voltage equals 13.2kV and a power of 2,000kW is needed to nurture the whole system and associated services. Additionally, electricity supply must be in complete synchronization with the grid as a failure can compromise the user’s security. If the air extraction system does not work, CO might accumulate in the interior walls of the tunnel, resulting in the death of the vehicle’s passengers. In the case of water filtration and floods caused by a failure in the pump system, a similar problem may occur.
We must also bear in mind the associated environmental catastrophe. We delivered a solution based on unique equipment. The system was delivered in February 2017, and the tunnel was inaugurated three months after. The challenge of this project was not only in the design of the equipment but in the logistics and installation. This is one example of the customized solutions that Genesal Energy Mexico offers to its clients.

Q: What has been Genesal Energy Mexico’s most important participation in the renewable energy sector?

A: Genesal Energy Mexico provided a backup power generator for Los Azufres, a geothermal plant located in Michoacan. The power generator supplies electricity to the essential loads in case of a grid failure, to bring the plant to a safe shutdown. We are already installing our power generators in several solar parks across the country, such as the Caborca PV plant in Hermosillo, and the Santiago PV plant in San Luis Potosi. There is a high demand for technical specifications from CFE but we have demonstrated broad experience in this area. Also, we have manufactured equipment with NATO specifications, which in my experience is the most complex normativity in the market.