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Digital Transformation Encourages Energy Efficiency

By María José Goytia | Tue, 06/28/2022 - 09:51

Q: What are the most important aspects of Grupo ABSA's portfolio of service divisions?

A: Grupo ABSA has several divisions focused on different business lines and markets We manage a division for the automation of industrial processes in which we lead the market as the main consultant and provider for several medium to large companies. We also have a division focused on data analytics and telecommunications and manage energy quality and efficiency, which is an area that we complement with renewable energy power production. In addition, we have a division focused on Industry 4.0, where automation solutions connect with the cloud and transform processes on the manufacturing floor. Finally, ABSA has an IoT application development area that links our automation expertise with Industry 4.0 and telecommunications. This area intersects with all our business lines adding value through innovation.


Q: How do digitalization and automation impact energy efficiency for companies?

A: Automation stems from a quest to optimize industrial processes. This optimization represents energy savings in and of itself. When processes are optimized, the level of production is increased by reducing the number of inputs required. By combining our experience in process optimization with our energy area, we can offer an integrated solution that maximizes the efficiency of our clients’ energy consumption. ABSA’s solutions always seek to achieve the maximum possible efficiency.


Q: What do Mexico's industrial sectors stand to gain by joining the digital transformation toward Industry 4.0?

A: Digital transformation consists of making manual processes more efficient by enabling automated technology and using data collection obtained through these tools, which support better decision-making within production lines. Digital transformation promises the greatest possible operational efficiency. In addition, the tools related to digital transformation make it possible to obtain, analyze, and deliver an immense amount of data that facilitates the implementation of predictive models that improve product quality and production efficiencies.


Q: How has the WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) approach helped your clients benefit from end-to-end efficiency solutions?

A: Grupo ABSA developed a consulting process that uses five pillars to detect the state of current operational processes and the goals to be achieved in the optimization processes. The company has 26 years of experience in the market. Using our WAGES methodology, we have established ourselves as expert consultants in five vertical markets: automotive, mining, pharmaceutical, food and beverages. This allows us to reduce dramatically the time and effort our clients require to undergo the digital transformation journey.


Q: Why are energy quality diagnostics so important for industrial customers?

A: Generally, industrial customers want their energy quality diagnosed when they face electronic board burn-in problems or when they need to optimize their energy consumption. In both cases, the first step is to perform an energy assessment where several measurement devices are placed along the production chain to detect irregularities in the energy flow. This assessment is the necessary first step to evaluate possible solutions that will provide the customer with greater energy efficiency and savings.

Within its quality and energy efficiency consulting, Grupo ABSA also provides advice to companies on how to incorporate renewable energy into optimization processes, taking advantage of the growing trend to implement on-site renewable energy systems. Due to the current energy policy and the regulatory uncertainty that has accompanied it, this line of business has come to a halt. We hope that in the next few years it will be reactivated and that companies will be encouraged to migrate their energy consumption toward cleaner and more environmentally friendly options. Since the market does not require advice on power production, our portfolio in the energy area has remained focused on energy quality and savings.


Q: Why should companies invest in energy efficiency and quality solutions?

A: Energy is the main input for manufacturing industries and its cost is increasing. If companies manage to optimize their energy consumption, they will achieve savings. In many cases, the required changes are simple and can have a positive financial impact with small modifications. Cost reductions also allow for companies to become more competitive. Finally, there is the environmental factor: investments in energy efficiency also contribute to the implementation of more environmentally sustainable processes by ensuring less electricity goes to waste.


Q: What challenges should companies consider when undertaking their optimization processes through digital transformation?

A: The implementation of digital tools connected through the cloud, the use of artificial intelligence and other instruments offered by digital transformation open the door to new vulnerabilities that must be considered when optimizing processes. The main risk lies in cybersecurity. New technologies, if not properly and adequately implemented, create a gap in the security of data. Valuable company information may be exposed as a result. Therefore, it is essential to obtain the right advice when implementing digital solutions within optimization processes.


Grupo ABSA is a Mexican technology company specialized in industrial automation, control, communications, electrical and energy solutions for diverse industrial sectors, mainly mining, automotive, and food and beverage.

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