Ricardo Maiselson de la Rosa
Director General
View from the Top

Diversified Prodcut Portfolio Opens Doors to New Markets

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 15:37

Q: Since efficiency is at the forefront of the industry, how is CIME positioned to take advantage of the growth in the market?

A: CIME’s main business line is dedicated to the supply of power generation equipment with continuous duty and standby generators. Our model is tailored to reach different sectors of the economy; we have products and services for the private sector, including industrial clients, and companies in the construction and energy sectors. We have a complete line of products focused on power generation, efficiency, redundancy, and flexibility, and we also provide power generator leasing services, so we are attuned with the entire engineering, construction, and project development industries across the country.

Q: Apart from the residential segment, what industries can benefit the most from your services?

A: CIME is a long-standing supplier of natural gas powered generators; in fact, we are one of the most specialized gas power generator supplying companies in Mexico today. We are distributors for Generac, one of the largest manufacturers of power generators in the world, and we have been its industrial dealer in Mexico for close to 17 years. CIME can provide solutions across a broader range of power that extends from 5kW to 6MW. A typical gas generator will help commercial and small- and mediumsized industrial customers reduce their electricity bills because they can produce their own power at peak times, when the utility prices are the highest. By using a natural gas power generator, clients can reduce their electricity bill by more than half in many cases. Natural gas generators are just one part of the product-specific solutions CIME offers.

Another segment we are targeting thanks to the Energy Reform is shale gas developments. Once these developments begin taking place, we will be well-equipped to serve this market, providing onsite energy generation. Our gas-powered generators are more affordable and pollute less than diesel-powered generators.

Q: How do you manage to implement these services so quickly and ensure that your customers receive a quick return of investment? 

A: A lot of the time the return of investment is related to the way in which the equipment is used. We have customers that have these systems running for hours or even days and this prevents them from losing production, transactions, and sales. One case is data centers or financial services, where having a backup system provides these players with economic benefits by avoiding critical situations. Another case is when customers want to start their business but do not have an energy supply at the time, so they rent a generator to start their operations immediately. This is also the case for the mining and energy sectors, where operations are run from remote locations with no access to electricity, and companies need to use onsite generators as the only way to produce energy. People from the construction industry who purchase a generator use it across multiple worksites and the clients are likely to get a return within a period of 14-16 months. Industrial clients want to reduce their electricity bills, and they can do that by supplying their own power with a generator. If a client buys a natural gas-powered generator and uses it for four to six hours per day to reduce their electricity bill, the return of investment comes in less than five years. This relates to customers in medium-sized industries and projects under 1,000kW.

Q: How do you tailor your products to suit the industrial specifications of your clients?

A: Our clients mostly use diesel-powered generators because of availability and costs, and since these systems are easy to source and finding spare parts and maintenance is not complicated. CIME offers specialized products, oriented to customers related to PEMEX and the oil and gas industry with natural gas units meeting with technical specifications regarding materials and performance. If these are used on oil platforms, we comply with other specifications like the provision of fire extinguishers and other safety measurements, such as alarms and prealarms, digital displays for special data, remote controls, interfaces, and other requirements. CIME will continue to be present in residential, commercial, and industrial segments, as our business model needs those sectors. We would like our clients to see CIME as a company that can provide integrated energy solutions.