Jorge Othon
Director General
View from the Top

Electrical Experts Go for Solar

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 17:06

Q: How does OSOLEC’s offering improve its clients’ business in the northwestern region of the country?

A: OSOLEC is well-known for delivering its solutions on-time and on-budget, working to high-quality standards and at competitive costs. Originally, the company’s core business relied on the design of electrical installations for the industrial and commercial segments, while also providing related energy efficiency solutions. We have since extended our expertise to renewable energy projects, and PV systems in particular. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations, working alongside them from the beginning of every project.
Q: What was the business opportunity that OSOLEC identified in the PV segment and what are your keys to success?

A: We identified an increase in PV technology use in the northwestern region of the country. PV CAPEX has decreased thanks to the implementation of the long-term electricity auctions and given the increase in the electricity tariffs, this option is more easily available and more competitive for almost every customer. If a better, more adequate solution appears in the market, OSOLEC will develop it.
The northwestern region of the country has built an industrial base and our main targets are the commercial and industrial sectors. To succeed, we have worked to earn our clients’ trust. As an example, on one occasion a customer asked us and another well-known company in the region to develop the same project: to supply electricity to an ice factory. The client’s purpose was to determine which company would deliver the better result in order to continue with further developments. Today, we are working on a project that is four times bigger for this client. Delivering purchase security and support are crucial characteristics for creating long-lasting relationships with our clients because they are making a large investment. If they are investing in a 25-year installation, clients should feel secure that they are doing it with the best option available.

Q: What is OSOLEC’s competitive advantage in terms of its staff?

A: Our teams receive constant training and we try to attend as many industry events as possible. Since 1996, the company has experienced exponential revenue growth, most of which comes from the fact that our work is widely known. Our clients see us as experts in developing electrical installments, providing energy efficiency assessments and now distributed generation. We have a group of oriented, motivated, highlyqualified personnel who share the company’s objective. This has allowed us to grow as a business and increase our revenue. We truly believe that the richest part of the company is the talent of its people.

Q: How would you rate the development of the energy regulatory framework?

A: I believe Mexico’s regulatory framework will undergo changes, as happened with the implementation of the Energy Reform. Usually, country’s simply replicate successful regulatory models, adapting some specific aspects to the country’s needs. Now is the time for adjustments, and decision-makers must send clear signals to the industry’s stakeholders. If the Energy Reform is modified, there may be some financial fallout, jeopardizing further investments. Providing certainty to the industry is key to incentivizing investment in the country. The energy transition that Mexico desperately needs implies a significant amount of capital and for that to happen we need national and international investment.

Q: What are the two main goals that OSOLEC aims to achieve by the end of 2019?

A: We have a project in the pipeline that will increase our installed capacity in early 2019 tenfold. We are also planning to grow our staff by as much as 300 percent. It is an ambitious goal but the results will speak for themselves and we are going to achieve it. Mexican companies should also build more strategic alliances, rather than competing against each other. The country’s industry has to compete internationally against big players, so local alliances are important and our future is aligned with this belief.