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Electrical Safety, Essential for Hospitals and Industry Alike

By Cas Biekmann | Wed, 07/08/2020 - 13:00

Q: How did Bender start doing business in Mexico?

A: Bender started operating in Mexico in 2016. Its main areas of operation are in hospitals and the general industry, and our business has developed well. We are putting our faith in the local mining sector, where we are not yet present. Bender has already done business with PEMEX and is attempting to break ground in the automotive sector.

Bender is dedicated to special market niches, meaning that it has a wealth of solutions for specific applications regarding insulation control of electrical infrastructure. Our main focus, however, has always been on electrical safety. Bender’s insulation monitoring devices are useful for energy generation and transmission. Wherever there is electrical power could benefit from Bender’s applications.

We are quite happy with our volume of business for industry and hospitals, but we are always looking to expand. Bender has some personnel in Mexico, who are currently working from home, but the next clear, practical step would be to found a legal entity in Mexico as well. Bender has good knowledge of the Mexican market, after all.


Q: What are the company’s solutions for power producers?

A: For the past 20 years, we have seen a great deal of business in the PV panel area, supplying insulation monitors for large solar parks in various European countries and in the US. In Latin America, we have been involved in big projects in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. In Mexico, we have been involved in smaller projects. We are, however, ready to offer our electrical safety solutions to the solar sector to help prevent grid shutdowns, among other benefits. When it comes to “normal” generation, such as hydro-thermal, we are present through our power control solutions. Power generation is an important part of Bender’s portfolio.


Q: How is the company navigating the pandemic?

A: The pandemic is a disaster for mankind. Bender is involved in electrical safety in the health industry, specifically in hospitals. Where there is an issue to be solved, there is a business to attend. The Mexican government has ordered the army to take over certain hospital infrastructure. It is a tightly run operation, and Bender ensures that electricity does not run out in these hospitals.

Regarding Bender’s industry segment, we are coping by working remotely and focusing on educational webinars and meetings with customers online. Since we are a new brand in Mexico, there is ample room to grow, and we are moving forward steadily despite the pandemic.


Q: How can Bender’s applications be used to monitor blackouts at large-scale manufacturers?

A: If a customer is looking for shutdown prevention, meaning they do not want to have their power supply interrupted or to avoid a major incident regarding their power, our solutions and technologies can help. For instance, the world’s biggest automotive factory from Volkswagen is located in Wolfsburg (Germany). Volkswagen decided in 2017 to install Bender’s monitors at the factory. Its target was to avoid power interruption. In addition, Volkswagen receives a second benefit because it can also avoid accidents related to electrical power. If there is a fault in a machine, in a motor or in a cable, the evolution of this fault is monitored. Therefore, Volkswagen is able to prevent faults before they occur.


Q: What are Bender’s solutions for electrical vehicles, and could they be exported to the Mexican market?

A: Fifteen percent of Bender Group’s annual turnover of total sales is directed to the Electrical Vehicle (EV) segment. It is an important business for us in the US. In Mexico, Bender has only sold some prototypes for pilot projects. The EV will one day become a reality in Mexico, nonetheless. For now, it has started trying to define standards and norms. When the real business formalizes, we will be absolutely ready to help. One example would be with our special protections for cars, which Volkswagen has adopted. We can provide manufacturers of electric vehicles with an assessment, based on the protection requirements of local standards for insulation monitors. When it comes to the recharging stations for these vehicles, we can offer our Smart Charging Controllers. Key components for Recharging stations from Bender are in place in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.


Q: How is Bender working to promote the benefits of Industry 4.0?

A: We are promoting the benefits of Industry 4.0 among industries and hospitals. Internet of Things, communications and access to information through smartphones apply 100 percent to Bender’s portfolio. Due to COVID-19, Bender is doing a lot of webinars to push our current and target customers in this direction. If I were to tell you that we have the best-in-class measuring technology available, you could say, “Great, but what I am really concerned about is where I could have issues in my facility.” You want to receive this information directly, on any screen, before any damage occurs. We can do that. We are fully aligned with Industry 4.0.

Bender is a global provider of top-of-the-line electrical safety products and solutions, with applications in the field of mobility for electric or hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, regenerative energy extraction and building technology.

Cas Biekmann Cas Biekmann Journalist and Industry Analyst