Albert Sunyer
Field Systems Sales Director
View from the Top

Eliminating Complexity and Enhancing PV Performance

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 11:38

Q: What is your outlook for solar power in Mexico compared to other renewable sources?

A: Solar power was the decisive winner in Mexico’s 2016 energy auctions, with 74 percent of the MWh awarded to solar in the first round and 54 percent awarded in the second round, as reported by Greentech Media and PV Tech. As a result, significantly more solar is being integrated into Mexico’s energy mix, as the country transitions its energy delivery system and builds a robust clean-energy economy.

We expect demand for cost-competitive solar to continue growing due to Mexico’s abundant solar resources as well as solar power’s lower risk profile, geographical flexibility and its shorter construction timelines compared to other energy sources.

Q: How does SunPower deliver added value to Mexico’s solar market?

A: SunPower is a leading provider of cost-competitive, highperformance solar solutions for residential, commercial and power plant customers. Founded in 1985 in California’s Silicon Valley, the company has more than 30 years of experience, is innovation-driven and cumulates proven results in maximizing value for its customers.

SunPower products are differentiated to support its customers’ financial and energy goals and deliver competitive costs energy. It offers high efficiency solar panels as well as an industry-leading 25-year power and product warranty. The company also offers solar solutions designed for fast installation, minimal O&M and long-term high performance.

SunPower has a strong commitment to sustainability. We are the first and only solar company worldwide to receive a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver designation for the solar panels we manufacture in Mexico. This designation demonstrates a product’s quality based on material health, material reutilization, renewable energy use, water stewardship and social fairness.

Q: What is the strategy behind your manufacturing plant in Mexicali?

A: SunPower owns and operates a 1GW panel manufacturing facility in Mexicali. The facility employs about 1,500 people and is a model for sustainable manufacturing practices. The panels we manufacture in Mexicali serve the growing demand for solar in Mexico, as well as other Latin American countries and the US.

Q: What O&M solutions do you offer?

A: The SunPower Oasis Power Plant platform is a complete solution that simplifies solar power plant design and construction while maximizing on-site energy production. Oasis uses over 50 percent fewer mechanical parts than competitive technologies, enabling plants to be constructed more quickly and achieve improved long-term reliability. The absence of parts with a history of field failures also attest to Oasis eliminating complexity to enhance performance.

SunPower’s proprietary robotic panel cleaning technology used at power plants today is proven, with more than six gigawatts of panels washed to date. This system uses 75 percent less water than manual cleaning methods. Finally, SunPower’s Remote Operations and Control Center (ROCC) offers 24/7/365 site monitoring and control to optimize energy production rates.

Q: What is SunPower’s growth strategy in Mexico for the long term?

A: Demand for cost-competitive solar power in Mexico is strong, as the country has abundant solar resources, a growing energy demand and aggressive renewable energy goals. SunPower is pleased to be a major supplier in this growing market today and intends to continue to partner with forward-thinking leaders throughout the country to serve the demand for reliable, high performance solar technology.