Enagás and Alter Enersun Announce Creation of Enalter
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Enagás and Alter Enersun Announce Creation of Enalter

Photo by:   Zbynek Burival - Unsplash
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Eliza Galeana By Eliza Galeana | Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 12/06/2022 - 14:34

The Spanish companies Enagás and Alter Enersun announced the joint creation of their new enterprise Enalter. Enalter’s goal is to develop energy solutions that combine renewable power production and green hydrogen production to decarbonize energy-intensive industries. Both companies, with a marked presence in the Mexican market as well, will each have a 50 percent stake in the new joint venture.

Enalter, based in Extremadura, Spain, began operations in October. It currently has five projects in Spain that will contribute to the decarbonization of the industries that use the most electricity, including petrochemicals, steel, mining and cement, as well as data centers. 

Furthermore, Enalter announced the construction of a 350MW photovoltaic solar park and a renewable hydrogen production plant with a maximum capacity of 180MW in Extremadura, Spain. The development of these projects will be carried out together with Extremadura New Energies.

Besides Enalter, Enagás and Alter Enersun have cooperated in other ventures. In May, they presented a joint initiative for the construction of a renewable hydrogen production plant powered by solar energy for the chemical company Ethylene Oxide Industries. 

Renewable hydrogen is produced through the electrolysis of water, separating hydrogen from oxygen from water through electricity. For so-called green hydrogen, this process is entirely powered by renewable energy and therefore fully clean.

"Collaboration between companies allows us to move forward in the promotion of renewable gas projects. This provides Enalter with the capacity to offer a global response to the decarbonization needs of energy-intensive industries," said Anton Martinez, CEO, Enagás Renewable-

Jose Morlanes, CEO, Alter Enersun, stressed that the alliance with Enagás will produce high-value solutions and engender efficiency that will help industries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at competitive costs.

In Mexico, Enagás entered a partnership with Royal Vopak and has a 40 percent stake in the TLA Altamira regasification plant in Tamaulipas. The plant has a total LNG storage capacity of 300,000m3. Enagás also shares a 50 percent stake with Fermaca for the Soto La Marina compression station in Tamaulipas.

In 2019, Alter Enersun completed the construction of the Kabul solar plant, its first project in Mexico. The plant is located in Yucatan and has 37.5MW of installed power.

Photo by:   Zbynek Burival - Unsplash

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