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Enel Finishes Installing Turbines at 274MW Dolores Wind Farm

By Cas Biekmann | Wed, 09/09/2020 - 10:55

Based on a report by Renewables Now, Italian green energy giant Enel Green Power has finalized the installation of wind turbines at its 274MW Dolores Wind Farm, located in Nuevo Leon. The farm was secured by Enel in Mexico’s third long-term energy auction in 2017.

The plant, consisting of 83 turbines, is expected to generate 938GWh per year, offsetting around 525,000 tons of yearly CO2 emissions. The wind farm represents an investment of US$290 million. Enel Green Power boasts three other wind farms in Mexico with a total power of 647MW: Amistad II with 103MW, Amistad III with 108MW and Amistad IV with 162MW. The Amistad wind cluster, located in Coahuila, is the largest one in the country. Dolores is reported to have a contract with CENACE’s Clearing House, to which the wind farm sells certain amounts of energy for 15 years and further Clean Energy Certificates (CELs) for 20 years.

“The installation of Dolores’ full capacity demonstrates once again Enel Green Power's commitment to sustainable projects, which provide economic value and environmental benefits, not only to the National Electric System of Mexico but also to all social groups involved in the project,” said Paolo Romanacci, Director of Enel Green Power Mexico, according to Energía a Debate. Enel’s wind farm stands out thanks to its “sustainable construction site” model. The model includes in-depth measuring of the farm’s social and environmental impact and focuses on smart resource management regarding water and waste recycling. The company donated a variety of medical equipment to the hospital in the area to help it combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Other related initiatives are to reuse materials used on site to create furniture or donate it to the surrounding community. Enel Green Power further revamped approximately 27km of road surrounding the projects, as well.

Latin America plays a significant role in Enel’s sizeable global portfolio with 46.6GW, said Romanacci in an interview with MB. “In Latin America, Enel Green Power manages renewable energy plants in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina. In Mexico, EGP is the largest renewable energy player in the country in terms of managed capacity with 2.014GW, of which 873MW are derived from wind; around 1.089GW from solar and approximately 53MW from hydro. Mexico represents one of the fastest growing markets in the region and the world. Our projects here include Villanueva, the largest solar park in the Americas, and Amistad, the country’s biggest wind farm when construction is completed.”

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